Shared Universes – Vidjagame Apocalypse 317

Games tend to live in their own conveniently isolated universes, where the rules are different and only one hero’s journey can unfold at a time – but sometimes hidden webs of connective tissue link seemingly separate franchises. With help from Heidi Kemps of, we disentangle five of those webs this week, before getting absorbed by A Plague Tale, George R.R. Martin’s foray into game development, and your predictions (some wrong, some right) for the Game of Thrones finale.

Question of the Week: What are two games you suspect secretly share a universe, or that you want to share a universe?


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8 thoughts on “Shared Universes – Vidjagame Apocalypse 317

  1. QOTW: My favorite gaming shared universe is the classic Bungie universe. One of their early games, Pathways into Darkness, is a first person shooter adventure game hybrid about a soldier stopping a lovecraftian sleeping god alien from awaking. Then the Marathon trilogy of first person shooters is about a space cyborg and rogue AI, but the thrid game is stopping another of the same lovecraftian sleeping god aliens from awakening. Then the forgotten PS2 Ghost in the Shell ripoff game, Oni, has an early mission where an AI has gone “Rampant” which was a term central to the plot of Marathon. And Halo is drenched in references to Marathon, but they’re all winking references. For example, one of the main AI characters in Marathon is Durandal, named after a legendary sword in French epic poems. Another legendary sword ,”forged of the same steel and temper” was named Cortana.

  2. QotW: I always firmly believed (and wished) Golden Axe and Streets of Rage shared universes. The similarities are too many to ignore. My head cannon is the land of Golden Axe is Street of Rage’s past. Mr. X is Death Addler reincarnated.

  3. I’m surprised that after all these years Namco has never taken advantage of the fact that Tekken and Galaga exist in the same universe.
    That mini game in the beginning of the first Tekken, which if you can beat it you get access to Devil Kazuya on PS1 (but it is near fucking impossible), surely has to be confirmation.
    This has to be the reason that the Mishima family is constantly trying to launch each other into space! I’d love a top down Galaga style shooter starring our favorite dysfunctional Japanese fictional crime family. Must have unlockable panda bear and maybe Yoshimitsu cause he’s a alien man.

  4. I suspect all games are secretly part of the Shovel Knight universe. How else else can you explain all the crossovers? The clues are staring us right in the face.

    Solid Snake? Spy Knight.
    Master Chief? Space Knight.
    Alucard? Blood Knight.
    Cooking Mama? Food Knight.
    Shepard? Commander Knight.
    Meatboy? Flesh Knight.
    Felix? Chainsaw Knight.
    Nathan Drake? Adventure Knight.
    Sackboy? Design Knight.
    Mario? Maskot Knight.
    Gordon Freeman? Mute Knight.
    Ellie and Joel? Gruff Knights.
    Ghost? Dinklage Knight.
    Clementine? Choice Knight.
    Sonic? Twitter Knight.
    BJ Blazkowich? Melancholy Knight.
    Chris Antista? Podcast Knight.
    Donald Trump? Outrage Knave.
    Cody Laveau? Wrestle Knight.
    DevilDoesDave? Comment Knight.

    Oh no… It´s happening. We´re all becoming a part of the Shovel Knight expanded universe! Strike the Earth!!!

  5. I’ve mentioned this on VGMpire before, but I used to think that Suikoden and Vandal Hearts were in the same universe because these two minor things were enough to convince a 15-year-old Diamond Dog.

    1- The instruction manual for Suikoden included an ad for Vandal Hearts
    2- In Suikoden, you lead the “Liberation Army,” and the opening cutscene for Vandal Hearts mentions a “liberation army”

    Nothing else in the 20-plus hours that it takes to complete each game suggested that the franchises were related, but I was dying to see my favorite 32-bit JRPG and tactical RPG have some common meaning.

    1. Man, that would’ve been awesome…I would’ve loved a crossover…would’ve been way better than Flames of Judgement…and probably better than VH2.

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