More Video Game Cartoon Shows – Laser Time #382

What, you thought we ran out last time?! Even though the odds of most modern video game stars getting their own TV shows are exceedingly rare these days, the one’s we used to receive dredge up a lot of… complicated memories. Last time we focused a ton of talk on Mario, so rest assured it’s Sonic’s turn in the barrel in this episode.


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11 thoughts on “More Video Game Cartoon Shows – Laser Time #382

  1. What might explain Puppet Cat Mario is that it’s actually mostly re-dubbed YouTube videos from Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube channel, it’s in fact still going on as it had an episode as recent as March of this year! It’s basically a way to show a lot of Nintendo game footage and give younger viewers Nintendo news as well as a lot of cat related puns in Japanese, whether it’s better or worse that kids are being targeted by companies themselves than following a random streamers on the internet I can’t really say…

    Another cool video is one of Doug TeNapel playing through Eartworm Jim. The rest of his Youtube channel is a little hit or miss, but it’s really cool to hear him tell some behind the scenes stories from working on the game.

  2. The first 13 episodes of that Dragon Quest anime actually got translated by Saban Entertainment and shown on network TV, usually early on Saturday mornings! I had a VCR timer set to record it ’cause outside of Robotech and Transformers and Voltron and whatnot, it was the first weird-lookin’ cartoon I’d seen that I knew came from somewhere else.

  3. Actually, Earthworm Jim did air on Kids WB, not Fox Kids. Saw the promos when I briefly got into an Earthworm Jim phase for a day.

    But I have find memories of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. I just love its crazy, surreal humor.

  4. Wooah hold up on the DKC1 lukewarmity! That game was brilliant! It’s still incredible to see how almost every level would explore a unique mechanic or theme to its fullest. Mechanics would be used for a single stage then never recycled. I thought that was pretty dedicated on Rares end. I have a hard time choosing between DKC and Yoshi’s Island for best SNES platformer.

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