Robin Williams Teaches Poetry, Austin Powers Shags a Spy, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Release their 19th Consecutive Song About California – Thirty Twenty Ten: Jun 6-13

The world is introduced to its first robotic anthology TV host in the form of The Cryptkeeper, you will believe Denzel Washington is Walter Matthau, Timothy Dalton steps into the shoes of Bond, Robin Williams reads poems, Austin Powers is still horny, and the crew of the Enterprise meet God


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7 thoughts on “Robin Williams Teaches Poetry, Austin Powers Shags a Spy, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Release their 19th Consecutive Song About California – Thirty Twenty Ten: Jun 6-13

  1. A lot to go on!

    Though concerning Licence to Kill. A bit early to discuss that since you went by the UK release date which I assume by accident because in the US it came out in July and lost to Lethal Weapon 2.

    In any case though, Licence to Kill is a Bond film that had some good ideas, at least in concept. Problem is, the film tried too hard to be dark. I get they wanted to go back to the books but I don’t think they perfected it until the Daniel Craig films starting with Casino Royale.

    And it also seemed like Licence to Kill wanted to emulate at times the late 80s action films like Die Hard and the Rambo sequels but still adhere to the Bond formula which created this weird, jarring disconnect between the two intents that don’t gel together. The Bond franchise has the ability to update itself to the various changing times without fail but this one was a total miss in that department.

    And it’s a pity because Timothy Dalton regardless is an underrated Bond. He had a good start with The Living Daylights and I saw he was trying his best with Licence to Kill despite the material not being there. I will say, it has a great Bond villain death (given it’s Robert Davi, Bond technically kills a Trump supporter and that’s awesome), action scenes are fun, I liked Carey Lowell and I love the music by Michael Kamen, Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle. But it’s one of my least favorite Bond films, stick with The Living Daylights.

    Star Trek V though, oh god. I was prepping myself for Star Trek Beyond and I saw most of the Star Trek films are on Netflix so day-by-day I watch the second film and beyond, pun intended. At least what was there at the time. They didn’t have Insurrection nemesis and the previous recent ones. Regardless, I knew what I was getting myself into but Jesus, it was worse than I thought. I wouldn’t say Shatner is completely blameless. Yeah, the budget thing sucked but the guy hated his cast unlike Nimoy. Nimoy loved working with those actors but Shatner, he hated everyone which explains why Chekov and Sulu for example around the star of the film, they acted like idiots in a sitcom.

    Not to mention and my friend Brian Webber, his dad had the best summation of things, “Are we really supposed to believe James T. Kirk’s crew would turn on him so easily just ’cause some Vulcan came out of the desert spewing Dianetics?”

    And you know what? He’s right. Especially since the villain is lame. Fuck Shatner, he’s stupid and egotistical.

    I’ll say this though. I liked the scene with McCoy seeing his pain and this line, “What does God need with a starship?”

    That’s about it. V, Motion Picture and Into Darkness are my least favorite Trek films for a reason. Haven’t seen Insurrection yet but even still, yeah, I’ll say V is the worst.

    Tales from the Crypt, you know, I used to be frightened by the show as a kid. Only because of the Crypt Keeper. Dude creeped me out too much. Though surprisingly, I watched his game show fine but I digress.

    I didn’t truly get into the show until I was 14 when I was JUST starting to get into Horror and I managed to acquire the complete first season on DVD. And I dug it! Watched the show constantly. It even had this documentary about EC Comics and the stuff I learned about these guys. They even wanted to denounce racism and even put in a black dude but the Comics Code authority went “you can’t have a black man” in those exact words. These guys were just awesome all around and I wanted to read the comics since. But really, because of this show and Creepshow, I grew fond of the twist these stories have where the antagonist gets their comeuppance usually in the same way they deliver it to others.

    Like one of my favorite episodes being Fitting Punishment where a jerk funeral director kills his own nephew for money but uh oh, he comes back from the dead to exact revenge.

    It’s all good stuff, really! Though I should point out Robert Zemeckis directed the second episode And All Through The House which is a Christmas classic, fuck Rankin-Bass and Miracle on 34th Street, kidding! Kind of. Anyway, I bring this up because it wasn’t the first time that story was adapted. The 1972 Tales from the Crypt film did that story first. Only three stories from the film it previously adapted ended up as episodes in the series.

  2. I knew I was not hallucinating when I didn’t hear the crew talk about DS9. But, they acknowledged it and spoke about it in this episode.

  3. I remember I wanted to go see Austin Powers II on my 16th birthday, and never got around to it, and I still haven’t seen the movie.

    Is that Star Trek movie the one where like, Kirk is at a campfire? I only know it from rifftrax clips on YouTube.

    The only episode of Tales of the Crypt I truly remember is the one where the lady made soap out of a person. I do remember my mom watching the lil guy on Saturday nights on Fox and his little intros.

    We missed Tom Hanks naming Conan “coco” in the second episode of his tonight show back on June 2nd.

    This is dark, but I feel like painted-hair on Travolta started after his son died and he denied that his kid had autism?

    Chris you need to stop reading that reddit group, most of them are crazy, the others sometimes have good critiques.

  4. End of Deep Space 9. I am so used to 10 episode per year seasons that anytime I contemplate watching a “traditional” TV series I always reject the idea. For example, I like Trek in the abstract. I have fond memories of watching TNG and the first two seasons of Enterprise. I never got into DS9 though, and while I’ve heard that it is the best Trek series of all times it still has 172 episodes! Job, wife, kids, house etc mean that at most I watch somewhere around 3 TV episodes per week. Which means that if I devoted all my TV time watching the complete run of DS9 would take me over a year. A year in which I watched no episodes of Stranger Things, no new episodes of Glow, and no new episodes of whatever the next hot new series is which will have production values that blow a 20 plus year old TV show out of the water. With so much high quality new stuff out there I just don’t see myself ever being in a position to watch something of that magnitude. I’m curious though, what TV series have you spent the most total time watching in the last five years? New, old, whatever TV show you logged the most total hours watching, I’m curious what it was and how long you estimate you spent watching that show.
    License to Kill. I have never seen a single Timothy Dalton bond film. Discounting the one-shot actors, I’ve seen multiple movies with Craig, Bronsan, Connery, and Moore, but Dalton was too early for me to see in theaters but not far enough ago to be a classic that I deliberately tried to watch. Did Dalton do anything special with the character that the other actors didn’t? What was the best and what was the worst part of his portrayal of Bond?
    The first time I saw all the Star Trek movies was when I watched them all in a row after I bought a VHS box set of the films. That was quite expensive for me at the time but I was super into Star Wars, loved TNG, and thought the Star Trek movies were therefore worth the investment. And then I watched Star Trek The Motion picture and instantly regretted my purchase. After seeing 1, the months of allowance that I had spent on that box set seemed to have been flushed down the drain. Luckily I pushed on (what was I going to do, NOT watch TV?) and watched II. I loved it, thought III was so so but then I loved IV. And then I came to V. Like Star Trek One, I watched Five once, and only once. It wasn’t as jaw dropingly boring to my 12 year old self as one but it managed to seem cheesy and stilted and given my standards at the time that was an accomplishment. I never watched it a second time which was pretty rare given how small my VHS collection was. What does everyone think is the worst Star Trek movie of all time?
    Tales from the Crypt was a show that I rarely saw (We didn’t get HBO until years after it had premiered and I never really made it appointment viewing) however, I can remember almost every episode I ever saw of that show. The Ms. Autopsy episode? I can picture her smiling corpse and the audience applauding despite it being over a quarter of a century since I last saw that scene. The crook handcuffed to a cops dead body in the desert? I can tell you all the story beats. The WWI general having his son shot? “My son died like a man.” Joe Pesci being cut in two because he was pretending to be twins? Each twin seemed so happy with their half! They say that adolescence is the golden age of sci-fi because you’re filled with wonder, but the same is probably true of horror as well because I was the exact right age to not be too scared to watch Tales from the Crypt but also to be young enough to be amazed enough about “how totally rad and tubular” the gory morality plays were. And they were morality plays for the most part. There must have been an episode where the wicked were not punished in gruesome and ironic ways but darned if I can recall it.
    LucasFilms Pipe Mania. You’re completely right that this full-priced-game from 1989 now appears with the serial number filed off in tons of AAA games today as a mini-game but I’m curious if that happened to any other games from that area to this extent or is Pipe Mania the game that has been mini-gamed the most? Oh, and don’t forget that LucasFilm’s Indian Jones and the Last Crusade Graphic Adventure is next month! I have such huge memories of that game and it was instrumental in the transformation of LucasFilm games into the LucasArts brand that so many gamers like me have fond memories of.
    Divx died in 1999 and yet there is still a character based upon that format alive and well 2019! Penny Arcade turned DivX into a surely drunk, bitter that nobody wanted him, and 20’s-single me thought this was so hilarious that I used what little disposable income I had at the time to buy a T-shirt of him. Would it shock you to learn that 40’s-Dad me hasn’t felt the need to wear a t-shirt that says, “I’m about to go from zero to DRUNK in Twenty Dollars!” very often? What is a t-shirt you bought that you would never wear today?
    The Kosovo war sticks out in my mind as the first online war. By 1999 I was already getting almost all of my news from the internet but more importantly it’s the first War I had long detailed discussions about on USENT. What’s odd to me is that there has never been a single significant Hollywood film about the Kosovo War. Personally I’d love to see something like The People vs. OJ Simpson done about it, really taking you into the mindset of a country fighting a quick war with no idea of the decades long wars that were to follow it.
    Beautiful Stranger. I must have heard this song a hundred times but until you mentioned it, I had zero idea that it was sung by Madonna.
    Austin Powers 2 in theaters was the last time I watched. Not because I hated it, I laughed my ass of at it, but Austin Powers 3 got bad reviews so I passed it by and then never went back to revisit the series. Yet despite not seeing a single Austin Powers movie in 20 years now, I bet I could say at least 10 quotable lines from the two films without breaking a sweat. What movie can you easily quote but that you have seen the least?
    Black Orpheus. I saw this! My wife and I are doing something we call, “Country a Month,” where we cook a meal and watch a film from every country on the planet in alphabetical order. The Brazilian meal was great but so was this film. It’s a really great cultural snapshot. In books, even though you are reading words from a certain era, the images in your head are your own, and hence based on many modern images. But with film, you really see things as a snapshot in time. This film allows you to experience Carnival in Brazil in the late 1950’s and really captures the spirit, mood, and zietgiest of the time while at the same time telling a fantastic allegory of a Greek tragedy. The acting, is more exaggerated than what I’m used to in some scenes but in others it can be quite restrained. Exaggerated acting was common to films at the time, so not surprising or bothersome if you expect it.
    Rock Band and Guitar Hero Games: This reminds me of an internet conversation I had in 2009 where people were arguing about whether they would prefer to be mildly decent at playing a real guitar or the best Guitar Hero player in the entire world. One dude was passionately arguing that nobody cares about the dude at the party who really wants to play “Imagine” if anyone gives him the slightest chance but that the best Guitar Hero player in the world would at least have niche fame. Someone else pointed out that it was probably a fad and wouldn’t be around in ten years in a meaningful way and then what good would that do while real guitar playing would always be a social lubricant.
    Indiana Jones and Staff of Kings. Is this worth playing at least once to do a wii whip-crack?
    Two side notes, on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 Epiosde I will be as old as Episode IV was when Episode I came out.
    And, 30 20 10 is almost to the point where it will be possible for The Simpsons to appear in every single one of the segments on a regular basis! I don’t think that’s been true for anything else before. And while I wouldn’t want it done every episode, I think it would be cool to once or twice a year do an exploration of each episode in each decade and how they changed or didn’t change from the previous decade.

  5. I ahve a couple of things I want to weigh in on. Firstly I’d like to say I loooooove Tales from the Crypt. I was terrified of him as a child when I first saw the animatronic but now, I love it. It’s one of those effects I’ll honestly never forget and for good reason. I bought the box set of the series not too long ago and usually pop it in when I have some friends over and just watch a random episode. The other thing I’d like to weigh in on is Austin Power 2. A little off-brand, but when I was 9, I was obsessed with the franchise. I bought a poster at the Scholastic book fair and used to scream ‘yeah baby yeah’ while dancing like a lunatic behind it. Back on track, I loved this film as a kid but when I rewatched it in a marathon, it was definitely the weakest entry to me. The jokes were all there, but something didn’t quite feel right. I still enjoy the dick jokes because at heart I’m a teenage boy with no real comedic sense, but they ran a lot of gags into the ground and maybe I’m a little too harsh on the film, but in a few years, I’ll be weighing in on another film in the franchise; a film I think is highly underrated, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Until then: stay spooky.

  6. Astro Lounge was one of my first CDs, and I love it to this day. I have always been an un-ironic fan of Smash Mouth. It brings me such joy that “All Star” has come full circle into being a good song again! P.S. One of my favorite memes of the song is where “They don’t stop comin'” is repeated and pitched to match the rest of the song.

  7. Weird. This didn’t post the first time. Apologies if this gets posted twice.

    Astro Lounge was one of my first CDs, and I love it to this day. I have always been an un-ironic fan of Smash Mouth. It brings me such joy that “All Star” has come full circle into being a good song again! P.S. One of my favorite memes of the song is where “They don’t stop comin'” is repeated and pitched to match the rest of the song.

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