Having Sex with Pies, Bruno Incites a Gay Panic and Bernie Lomax is Dead: Thirty Twenty Ten – Jul 5 -11

Lethal Weapon declares diplomatic immunity, Ernest goes to Splash Mountain, daytime soaps are about to get really weird, how to get your free computer, Weekend at Bernie’s is not without its charm, Bruno’s quest to be fabulous, Reno 911 closes its doors, and American Pie triumphs in a world without infinite access to free porn. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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9 thoughts on “Having Sex with Pies, Bruno Incites a Gay Panic and Bernie Lomax is Dead: Thirty Twenty Ten – Jul 5 -11

  1. I have two recommendations to make for video games that came out in July of 1989: First Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure Game. First, it’s the only adventure game I’m aware of that allows you punch out Hitler at the cost of your own life. Second, it’s the bridge between the primitive adventure games of Maniac Mansion and the more advanced adventure games of The Secret of Monkey Island that Lucasfilm games would be known for when they fully transitioned to LucasArts. Secondly, to the best of my searching, the Willow Arcade game came out in American in July of 1989. This is notable because it illustrates the perils of adapting films to video games at the time. I’m sure that when Capcom bought the license to Willow arcade games they thought they would have the next Star Wars series on their hands. But due to long development times by the time they actually released the game, Willow was pretty much a faded memory. Secondly, the Willow arcade game is a really good arcade game that had RPG elements (leveling up, buying gear, etc) in an arcade game. You almost never saw that at the time and it’s an interesting Path’s Not Taken game.

  2. always loved how Biggs used his stardom in Jay & Silent Bob…I fucked the pie! I fucked the pie!

  3. My mother was a Days of our Lives superfan, that damn theme haunts my mom and reminds me of her getting home to watch a vcr recorded (later tivo) episode. I remember hating it so much, however Passions got me hooked as a 10 year old boy with its insane side plots. It became something that my family (outside of my dad who wouldnt watch “pussy soap opera shit” Sometimes my brother and I would watch the show by ourselves after am episode of Dragonball Z. I knew cousins, friends, uncles and aunts who loved the show. I eventually fell off as a tennager and my parents splitting, I still have many fond memories. 20 years later, my brother and I can still sing that damn theme song.

  4. I just watched Weekend at Bernie’s a week or two ago and while it was worth it to me to watch it again (for example when I was 10, the 22 to 25-year-old protagonist seemed old and Bernie seemed quaie-elderly. As someone who recently hit 40 that is no longer the case) because it’s filled with nostalgia (the first quarter basically stars pre-Giuliani New York!) for me but I cannot recommend anyone under the age of 20 ever watch the film. But if you’re up for a nostalgia trip, the film though is super peak 80’s; the house, the tech (The Fumbling around with the answering machine and randomly hitting buttons to result in your voice being recorded after you already picked up is it actually fairly believable for the 1989 tech I remember) the clothes, the fashion, the music, the stereotypes (how many 80’s cliché’s can you spot in the party scene alone? I spotted; 1980’s gays, 1980’s bodybuilders, 1980’s new ager, 1980’s funny drunk, 1980’s tennis players. Virtually every character in the party scene could easily be a 1980’s costume party today) and it contains 1989’s JR’s platonic ideal of beach bikini girl. I think this is an “HBO re-watch film” in that the bulk of people who remember it watched it over and over and over again on HBO, mainly because it was on. What is the worst movie that you have seen at least ten times? Weekend at Bernie’s may be that for me.
    PS. I thought there was a Friends quote about WAB that goes something like, “Anyone want to watch Weekend at Bernie’s? It’s on HBO, Cinemax and Showtime? Come on! Dead guy getting hit in the crotch thirty or forty times!” but my google fu shows nothing.
    1989 JR was 100% sold on watching Lethal Weapon 2 solely based on seeing some HBO behind the scene making-of commercial in which they showed how the exploding toilet scene was done. “It’s a toilet that EXPLODES!” was all my mind could focus on. This is definitely the start of the films getting much lighter in tone though. I can’t imagine the “eating a gun” scene appearing in any of these films other than one.
    Earnest Goes to Splash Mountain. I’ve heard Chris talk about this for years now. Eff it, I’m gonna watch it this week. Anyone else want to give it a view? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATiqSR8JqrA
    The first episode of Seinfeld was in July of 1989 and the last episode of Night Court was in May of 1992. This means that they were contemporary shows for almost three years. “But… but… but NO!” screams my brain. “That can’t be true!” Of course one era of TV blends into another but even though I haven’t watched an episode of Seinfeld in 20 years it still seems vaguely contemporary in a way that Night Court seems equally a dinosaur from long long ago so it’s bizarre to me that they were contemporary to each other for almost three years.
    So everything from Warner and NBC is going to be set up on their own streaming service? Other than The Good Place I don’t think they have a single thing I watch. One of the best non-fiction pop culture books I ever read was about the Must-See-TV period of NBC and at the tail end they had one CEO talking to his replacement and say something like, “My legacy is going to be Seinfeld, Friends, and ER. Your legacy is going to be fat people crying,” this being a reference to the new CEO’s highest rated show, “The Biggest Looser.” I wonder when, not if, but when, we’ll see one of the big four networks end.
    Name your three favorite Seinfeld episodes of all time. Don’t over think it, just go!
    I’m often tempted to buy used DVD collections of some of my old favorite TV shows to do a really deep dive into their commentary tracks and special features but I moved four years ago and got rid of a ton of DVD’s because I didn’t have time to watch their commentary tracks and special features back then and I’m even busier now then I was then so….. Let me live vicariously free-time billionaires! What does your DVD collection look like? What series have you done the biggest deep dive into all the special features of?
    I haven’t watched Seinfeld in 20 years but I have super fond memories of it and it’s probably the only 30 year old show I’d consider doing a re-watch of. What is the oldest show you now, as of this moment, think is worth at least considering to re-watch the entire run of?
    What are the best Comedians in Cars episodes of all time?
    Is there a decent documentary or book about the making of Seinfeld?
    My biggest memory of Mega Man 2 does not involve the game at all. In the summer of 1989 I was probably more into Nintendo than at any other time in my life. Nintendo dominated every schoolyard discussion and I was at an age when I could sit down cross legged in front of a TV and be absolutely transfixed by the incredible 8 bit graphics for hour after hour. And then that Summer I was sent to my grandmother’s for a few weeks. Without my NES. Oh, I was happy to see Grandma EO and thanks to vacations like that I got to spend time in my childhood riding horses, going camping, working on a farm, making some Native American friends (Grandma was close to a rez) and fishing in a creek. I really did all of that with her and my cousins and those times with Grandma EO were as close as anyone in the 1980’s could get to a Mark Twain-like time of childhood exploration. Looking back I wished I would have appreciated it more. But that’s 40 year old me looking back. At the time even after a day spent catching the biggest fish of my life with a grasshopper leg, a feat I was so proud of that I froze that fish and took it to show and tell for three years in a row (true story), I still urgently wished I had my NES. But while I wasn’t allowed to bring my Nintendo to Grandma’s, I was allowed to bring Nintendo Power and I can remember pouring over those magazines night after night. And none more so than the Mega Man 2 issue. I don’t think I had ever even heard of Mega Man before but I poured over map after map for hours about a game I had never played and then I imagined myself playing Mega Man 2 instead of, you know, appreciating that I was as close as I could ever hope to having a real life childhood adventure that very week. So when people say youth is wasted on the young? That. That’s the type of shit they mean when they say that.
    What is the best example of NES game music re-mixed?

  5. It’s funny Sarah mentioned Alyson Hannigan’s voice. I’ve been rewatching Veronica Mars and she pops up in one episode in season one (after Buffy ended) and another in season two (after Mother started) and I noticed her voice changed between them. Seems she used the cutesy voice more in Buffy (and much more in American Pie) than Mother and now I don’t know if I actually know what she sounds like. Everything has been a lie!

  6. I hate I Love You, Beth Cooper. I watched for two reasons. One, if it’s worse than another Chris Columbus film i.e. Pixels. Two, because of Mathew Buck (Film Brain) saw it and hated it. And I can see why.

    Like, Paul Rust played an extremely unlikable dude. Very entitled, creepy, I don’t find him charming. Two, the bad jokes. The poor executions of dark humor which comes off as mean spirited and the offensive gay jokes. Like, why the constant if it matters the guys best friend is gay or not. And the constant pressure from every character to force him to come out of closet, just, gah.

    There are ways to certain jokes right. I refer to Bad Santa as an example. At least what jokes it had were in purpose because everyone was fucked up on purpose. I Love You, Beth Cooper does not have that excuse. I hated everybody! What kills me though is that Chris Columbus hates this movie himself. Apparently David O. Russell was supposed to direct. Yeah, THAT dude. The Silver Linings Playbook dude! But he left and Columbus took over at the eleventh hour.

    And I completely get why. You like it, Sarah, fine, not judging you. For me, it’s just so repulsive to watch.

  7. I remember the night Michael Jackson died, “Bruno” was on Conan’s Tonight Show. I think Conan’s show taped at like 6pm Western time, so by then everybody knew he died. So everybody feels weird, and out comes effin’ Bruno being gross n shit.

    …I had a book and tape [or record] set around 1989-ish, that I’m pretty sure mom bought me at Phar-Mor, that was Peter Rabbit and the Tar Baby. I was six, and didn’t understand the wrongness of the tar baby.

    Compared to the rest of Jerry’s girlfriends, Laura was ooof. So homely. It’s crazy how we saw the Seinfeld pilot, and we didn’t get regular Seinfeld for nearly another year, May 31, 1990, that would never happen today. My first Seinfeld was the one with Elaine’s dad and Jerry’s jacket getting damaged, late summer of 1991.

    I was ok with that poor editing in the beginning of 1999 segment b/c it was about jerry.

    I remember thinking that Jason Biggs was so cute around that time, and 20 years later, and I’m like why.

    I used to love Good Eats, but I kinda got tired of Alton’s know-it-all attitude, and I feel like he kinda looks down on his fans too. Emeril’s live show was gaining heat around this time in ’99 too.

    I just remember about the sy-fy renaming was that someone on like, televison without pity mistook it for the word “stir fry”.

  8. Good Moleman to you,

    Bringing up Moon reminded me of a night when my gf was out of town, and I decided to do a double feature of Moon and Ryan Reynolds’ Buried. Unfortunately, when I went to go microwave some popcorn, I realize that I was all out. Being a small canadian city, grocery stores were all closed at 1:30 in the morning, so my only choice was the gas station a few blocks away.
    Now, we’d just recently had an ice storm, and the sidewalks were a solid sheet of ice, and ontop of that, the gas station was up a hill. It took me about a half hour to walk what would have normally taken 5 min.
    So I get there, and I cannot find any microwave popcorn. After about 5 min of me scouring the small area where it should be, I hear the small woman maning the station by herself hesitantly ask, “can I help you find something?”. I say I’m looking for microwave popcorn, and she comes over and pulls out a pack from what I can only assume is a pocket dimension, since I hadn’t seen it at all.
    As I buy it and am leaving, I hear I somewhat relieved sigh from behind me. I realize while sliding home, that she must have been terrified of the 6’6 scruffy looking behemoth walking into her business at 2am on a dead silent night and staring at the snacks like I was Jason Voorhees.

    I went home and had a lovely night watching the movies, and feeling terrible for scaring her so badly.

  9. Great ep as per the norm
    I do have to say how much I hate American Pie , and its a legit dislike

    soooo story time

    I went to a buddy’s house to spend the night , we were playing video games, my folks went to the movies to see American Pie as per the sugestion of my buddy who then worked at a movie theater, so we were playing WCW/NWO Revenge, my mom calls up and said how much they loved the movie , and when she got home she was going to bake me an apple pie… me having not seen the movie was clueless, my buddy then told me about the pie scene and i was so upset almost threw up as i can loudly hear my folks laughing, It was a sick joke, then when it came to VHS i reneted it …and i just couldnt enjoy it as i ddidnt find it funny one bit …however Eugene Levy makes everything funny, and I love Tara Reid as bland as she is.

    love both Weekend at Bernie movies, Reno 911 is top notch , Bruno sux as I dislike Sacha Baron Cohen i stood and cheered durin Sweeny Todd when he was killed, hes never been for me

    but this was a fun 30/20/10 i adore this show, keep up the grerat work , my podcast does the same sometimes but we take 1 full year ( starting in 1990) and run down bits of what happened in pop culture,movies, tech and tv but we deep dive into what was going on in the video game world at that time

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