Killer Robots – Laser Time #385

Join us for an exploration of not only pop culture’s finest murderous machinations, but a look at our own fears of robots and AI. Will the replace us? Will they enslave us? Will they ever make a Short Circuit 3?! Compliance or die…


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3 thoughts on “Killer Robots – Laser Time #385

  1. saw the new child’s play, and you guys are correct, he is AI got awry. Spoiler Alert, the basis is a pissed off human who we literally never see again after the first 5 mins…and while I did enjoy the film, that premise is just so fucking flimsy…what’s worse is the way they set up potential sequels is…..all that evil is still in the cloud. *rolls eyes*

  2. A killer robot movie you missed was 2005’s “Stealth” – which literally has the same plot device as Short Circuit. An unmanned stealth jet is designed for war. It gets struck by lightning and develops a personality. Only instead of becoming inoscent and child-like in Short Circuit, the stealth essentially becomes a morose, angst filled teenager who thinks the world is against him. He downloads “all” of the music off the internet and then sets about starting WWIII.

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