Cheap Popcast #100a – The Hope Spot

Cheap Popcast is back! Since it’s Summer Slam week, we figured now’s the time to tell you a little bit about how the new show format is going to work, so here’s an episode explaining everything.

TL;DR version:

1. We plan on doing episodes at least around the “big four” WWE shows: Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, Summer Slam, and Survivor Series. That isn’t to say we won’t do more when inspiration hits, but these are good times to have some tentpole shows.

2. We aren’t just covering WWE. We’ll talk AEW, NXT, NJPW, indies, and anything else that interests us or is making its way around the dirt sheets, as they say.

3. We are doing two shows around the PPVs: A Patreon-exclusive preview show hitting the week before the event, and a free review show the next week.

4. The free show will be in the old Cheap Popcast feed, so if you unsubscribed, now is the time to go back and resubscribe (tell a friend while you’re at it, please).

5. The preview show is available to Patrons at the $5 or above level.

6. We have some surprises planned. It wouldn’t be Laser Time if we didn’t have the occasional special guest…

7. Follow us on Twitter @CheapPopcast to stay updated on the show.

Questions? Hit us up in the comments below.


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