Jason Takes Manhattan, LL Cool J’s Hat is like a Shark’s Fin, and Adam Sandler is Funny Again: Thirty Twenty Ten – Jul 28 – Aug 2

The worst Friday the 13th paves the way for the 90s best horror movie, Deep Blue Sea deserves another look, Tom Hanks teams with a dog, Bret Hart ruins Mad TV, Kathryn Bigelow is Queen of Dude Movies, Nintendo unleashes its first portable, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere don’t deserve a second shot, and more!


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3 thoughts on “Jason Takes Manhattan, LL Cool J’s Hat is like a Shark’s Fin, and Adam Sandler is Funny Again: Thirty Twenty Ten – Jul 28 – Aug 2

  1. I somewhat disagree on Jason Takes Manhattan. I don’t agree it’s the worst Friday the 13th film however, that I feel goes to A New Beginning (no disrespect to a friend of mine who loves it). Thing is, Jason Takes Manhattan had STUFF HAPPENING! A New Beginning besides some moments, was dull. Now does Jason Takes Manhattan have problems? Yes. Title is kind of a lie and it doesn’t make sense a lake connects to the fucking ocean. And the hallucination stuff makes zero sense and I can tell the MPAA neutered it. Do I find it fun though? Oh hell yeah. I love its kills and when the characters are assholes, their deaths are sweeter. My personal favorite being the teacher (also guardian of the final girl) who is this abusive asshole gets drowned in a barrel of toxic waste as if Jason was giving someone a swirly and it was extremely satisfying given my experience with an abusive parent.

    But yeah, I enjoy it despite these flaws. Plus, the cook that got tossed by Jason in the diner scene? Future Jason actor. He ended up playing Jason in Freddy vs Jason. Just a fun bit of trivia.

    Kiki’s Delivery Service, I remember seeing the commercial on one of the Disney videotapes. I forget which VHS, probably Aladdin and the King of Thieves, had a preview of the film with their in house English dub. I recall being curious I think, maybe taken aback because I was so used to other styles of Animation. Like Disney, Anime like Sailor Moon and DBZ, the various superhero cartoons, Nicktoons, Cartoon Network. The Studio Ghibli look was all new to me as a kid that I didn’t know what to think at the time.

    I didn’t get it but I definitely managed to get the 2003 DVD alongside The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 DVD which makes for an interesting double feature I dare anyone to try. Finally I managed to get the 2010 DVD I got alongside various Godzilla DVDs. I watched it multiple times than before especially with better appreciation for the material. It was to the point I made an AMV of the film with Queen’s A Kind of Magic but it’s now lost to time thanks to YouTube deleting my account.

    But yes, I’d say it’s my favorite Miyazaki film. There is a lot of charm to it, I love its themes, it’s a really effective coming of age story. I think you’re right it scores well with kids because a friend of mine went to a Fathom events screening recently. She noted the kids in the audience were engaged, laughing and being silent at the right moments. The most behaved child audience she ever saw. Guess after 30 years, it’s still got it.

    The Blair Witch Project, ah yes. I don’t know how I did it but I convinced my mother to get me to see it. But I was intrigued based on watching a mockumentary on the Sci-Fi Channel called Curse of the Blair Witch, which was a promo piece but it had me sold enough to wanting to see it.

    And so I did. But to please my mother (She was abusive, don’t aww at this if Chris, Sarah and Diana find that touching), I had to say I didn’t like it.

    I have rewatched it a couple of times and it’s still creepy. It’s effective to this day as for one, it still has the feeling and even look of you shouldn’t be watching this yet you are.

    It’s the very definition of the scariest thing is what you don’t see. I get chills every time I see or think about it. It feels very authentic. Like I can buy these people, they didn’t seem like actors. The growing despair also made it effective.

    One time, I almost went to Burketsville where they shot the film. I lived in Maryland for a few months when I escaped my abusive mother. My former friend Ian told me he didn’t buy the hype of The Blair Witch Project. Thing is, he’s into cryptozoology. He didn’t believe it was real from the getgo as he told me, he would have heard it from other people who are into cryptozoology and such. So, yeah, he wasn’t fooled by the marketing.

    I wanted to go to Burketsville but there wasn’t time. I was job searching, he had his own stuff, so, nothing worked and I left Maryland in March. Though a friend of mine told me Burketsville isn’t worth it based on people not being nice there.

    Deep Blue Sea, I saw in theaters. My family was aware of my shark phase thanks to Jaws so Deep Blue Sea fed me good as a kid and I enjoyed it a lot.

    And yeah, it’s self aware. No question. It’s played very over the top on purpose. It’s very loud, it’s just fun big budget B-movie fun. As I said, my co workers still talk about it. They even remember the LL Cool J song. My friend Austin pointed out why it’s more remembered than Lake Placid. Lake Placid is white. It’s not very diverse. Deep Blue Sea had some diversity and is more memorable. I haven’t seen Deep Blue Sea in years but a lot of it I still recall.

    The Collector, I have friends who like it but I didn’t. It’s one of those films like Night at the Museum where I love the premise but the execution was lacking. It was boring and I get disappointed every time I think about it.

    I haven’t seen The Hurt Locker but I an forever amused Kathryn Bigelow and that movie winning the Oscars over her ex husband James Cameron with his film Avatar will forever amuse me. Queen of the world indeed!

  2. Aw. i’m a little sad you dismissed The New Tetris so quickly. Us N64 owners were really hurting for games by this point, and not only did we finally get Tetris, but it was actually a good version of it. It was one of the earlier Tetris versions to have a 4-player mode, and there was a unique mechanic where forming a 4×4 square would increase the points and lines when you later cleared it off the stack. There was also an overall progression where it tracked line totals and slowly unlocked new models of landmarks, more backgrounds, and more great music. That last part was thanks to Neil Voss, an electronic music composer that created some excellent videogame tunes in that era.

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