The Movies That Shaped Gaming – Vidjagame Apocalypse 329

This week, we grab Diana Goodman for a high-speed detour to explore five ’70s and ’80s movies that had a profound influence on the early years of gaming, helping shape the then-new medium’s aesthetics and defining its direction for decades to come. Then we dig into No Man’s Sky Beyond, rumors of SNES games on Switch, and the games you had to cheat to beat.

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite movie that had a clear influence on the game industry?


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7 thoughts on “The Movies That Shaped Gaming – Vidjagame Apocalypse 329

  1. QotW: not a specific movie, but 80’s action flicks. This helped birth classics like contra, metroid, metal gear, ninja gaiden, etc.

  2. QotW: Star Wars, despite SW itself taking from many sources itself. This transcended into games with themes, character types and whatnot.

  3. Qotw: well I would have said robocop or running man but they were mentioned on the podcast. My first thought was Saving Private Ryan which didn’t inspire so much as required every single WWII game that followed to have a Normandy level, and each one could only hope to live up to that iconic scene. I also gotta show some love for Schindler’s List because, as we all know, it was the inspiration for the art style of the modern classic MadWorld.

  4. QOTW:: YOOO shout out to Terminator 1, legit one of my most watched favourite movies OF ALL TIME! for giving the original metal gear for NES essentially the character model for big boss/snake by blatantly using Kyle Reese for the cover art. CONFUSING THE SHIT out of a young Matt making me think this was some terminator spin off game, later discovering the truth of what metal gear is and what would come to be the beginning of one of my favourite game series

  5. QotW: This is a joint entry for the Battle of Britain and Top Gear, because both movies feature GREAT airplanes fighting each other scenes, and borderline unwatchable garbage when the pilots are on the ground (that might be unkind to Battle of Britain…), but I feel like both of these games spawned an incredible amount of flying games, notably the Ace Combat series, which has continued the tradition of great flying scenes and unwatchable garbage when it comes to story/scenes on the ground. Shout out to Tom Cruise who will bring this full circle with a new movie that will feature GREAT jet plane porn, and terrible unwatchable garbage the rest of the time.

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