Nickelodeon steps to Sesame Street, Tony Hawk gets a lot more famous, and Sandra Bullock needs help

Aug. 29-Sept. 5: Nick’s first show is gone, Motley Crue feels good, Paula Abdul makes a video too hot for TV, Earl has to die, Cuba Gooding Jr. freezes out Oscar, Tony Hawk takes flight, Disney begins buying everything, Gerard Butler gets played, and one of the worst movies ever. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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6 thoughts on “Nickelodeon steps to Sesame Street, Tony Hawk gets a lot more famous, and Sandra Bullock needs help

  1. You talked about Battledome and didn’t mention Terry “T-Money” Crews. That’s unacceptable.

    It was, straight up, “What if we did American Gladiators, but without women competitors, and the Gladiators had wrestling angles about how much they hate each other?” It’s worse than classic Gladiators, it’s worse than Gladiators 08, it’s just ass. If Crews hadn’t gotten his start there, no one would care.

  2. And Tony Hawk:

    In September 99 I moved from Houston to Indy because I was having money issues with school, and an internet friend had offered me a cheap room. He was an editor at BradyGames (RIP? Complicated feelings) and so he had a lot of pre-release games lying around the house. One of them was THPS, a near-final version with minimal differences from the released version. (The thing that sticks out is that they used the Vandals’ “Change My Pants (I Don’t Wanna)” instead of “Euro Barge”.)

    Also, “Crush ‘Em” is a pretty great song, but trying to assign it to Bill Goldberg was a jaw dropping mistake.

  3. Hey folks, new to your podcast and really enjoying it. Just one thing, the Australian Labor Party are the left-wing workers party here, as you’d expect. But the right-wing rich-people party is The Liberals. Go figure!

  4. Pinwheel. Wow did that tickle a memory or a memory of a memory. I think Pinwheel was the show that I watched waiting for others shows to be on. Even as a little kid it felt too young for me but when you started talking about it I started thinking to myself, “Pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning about…” Even though the visual, the theme, and everything else about the show has been completely forgotten by me, I can still badly sing the theme song. I wonder what it is about lyrics that allows us to remember them for so long?

    Super Mario Super Show. I wonder why Nintendo was a bit naive about its characters when they were at their height? I mean, 1989 is 12 years after Star Wars showed the world what a merchandising juggernaut a popular piece of entertainment directed at kids could be for a wider world wide audience but when Nintendo became big they didn’t seem to care what type of cartoons (or live action) their character’s appeared in. What year do you think “brand management” became standard operating procedure for major corporations in regards to their IP’s?

    Eureka’s Castle. I’ve never heard of this show, but I am very interested in memory of pop culture and I think it would make a fantastic Lasertime topic. So question for the group, what big piece of pop culture from the last 40 years has been allowed to completely die? Take Alf. I’m not sure he’s been allowed to _ completely _ die. When I see things set in the 80’s he’s often brought up, as a punching bag sure but brought up none the less. And if you really want to, you can buy an Alf costume on Amazon for Halloween this year. Eureka’s Castle on the other hand? Nope, I’ve literally never heard it mentioned before this podcast. So what else that was big in the last 40 years has been as forgotten to the same level that Eureka’s castle has been forgotten?

    Cold Hearted by Paula Abdul. What music video’s do recall being part of your sexual awakening? I’m not asking which ones were the most sexy, just the first ones you went “Oh, this is what being sexy is, I guess.” Paula Abdul was probably the musician who was the biggest part of my awakening (and I don’t think I was alone in that as I recall me and all the other 6th grad boys really liking her at my school) and as such this video sticks out in my mind in a huge way.

    Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks. I was flipping through channels one day and briefly stopped on this video and honestly was a bit shocked. I must have heard songs about killing someone before but none this happy and filled with pep. So question for the group; What is your favorite song about killing someone?

    Tony Hawk PS1. Who here skateboarded or currently skateboards? When I was young and skateboards started to take off I got it in my head that I was going to get one and become cool. (Narrator: But JR would never be cool.) We had a park in the back of our house that I would walk to the top of and then see how fast I could skateboard down. I took a couple of biffs but I kept on getting better and better …. until I hit a big plateau and progressing any farther became exponentially harder. Like many childhood interests I slammed hard into the wall of, “If you want to get good at this, you’ll actually have to work to get good at this” and that was just too much for young JR. So while I got to the point where I could use the skateboard for transportation decently well, I never learned to do any jumps or do any tricks or anything. How about you?

    Insane Clown Posse – Miracles. I missed both of them until this podcast, but after listening to both for the first time I honestly I prefer the SNL parody.

    In retrospect we can all see that Disney buying Marvel for “only” 4 Billion dollars was a heck of a steal, but from a 2009 perspective it looks like an incredibly reckless gamble. The ONLY films that Marvel had made at that point were Iron Man (Huge success) and The Hulk (semi-success). Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America, let alone the weird idea of combining them all in one film, were all untested films. As a Marvel fan from way back I was excited at the prospect but the fact is that after the purchase Disney shares fell 3 percent ( showing that most people didn’t share my view and given how many studios have utterly failed to create combined universes, even with the example of how to do so staring them directly in the face, it couldn’t have been an easy call to make. I’d love to read a long form article on Disney’s decision to buy Marvel in 2009.

    Guitar Hero 5 – Curt Cobain – Do they really still take down videos of him? Anyone have the game and are willing to upload a video of him singing a silly song to see if it’ll get taken down?

  5. I grew up in California during the nineties, and Battle Dome is the first I’d seen of Terry Crews. Played a character played T Money, and he was all about the money, as far as I recall. While he was my buddy’s favorite character, I routed for Bubba King. I believe it was in the same Sunday afternoon blocks of syndicated shows that one night find the likes of Bruce Campbell’s Jack of All Trades. The gladiator type characters would face off against each other, but I cannot recall whether they actually made any contact the the contender type folks.

  6. Marvin Young (Young M.C.) was the producer of Tone Loc’s Wild Thing, and is also his cousin.
    Goodbye Earl…one of the few performances by Dennis Franz which didn’t include him showing off his bare ass in the 1990s.

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