A Lesson in Corpsing – Laser Time #391

Kicking off yet another Laser Time Spooktober with a bit of a cheat, yet a wonderful excuse to return to one of our favorite topics: Saturday Night Live. The latter half of SNL’s almost fifty years on the air has featured exponentially more corpsing. Or rather, breaking character and laughing over your lines in front of a live television audience. We’ll explain the term and why we don’t mind so much when the integrity of a sketch is obliterated in this literally laugh-filled episode…


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One thought on “A Lesson in Corpsing – Laser Time #391

  1. Someone’s corpsing? Better send for the man! Wrestling corpsing clips would ha e been a good addition to this, but I know it was SNL centric. One recent one that sticks out to me is when Jake the Snake Robert’s came back to Raw. Dean Ambrose gets “attacked” by one of Jake’s snakes and it must have been a boyhood dream for Dean. He has the most boyish smile on his face he can’t contain himself. https://youtu.be/pbszVMpAh94

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