Street Fighter II – Episode 001

Ready… Fight! The Fighting Game Wars miniseries begins with the granddaddy of them all — Capcom’s Street Fighter II. What led up to the launch of this iconic arcade? What were the ramifications? Why was this the first arcade game two of the hosts ever bought? The episode also covers topics like coin cannibalism, Ft. Lauderdale, Top Gun, gold helicopters, and thigh fetishes.


8 thoughts on “Street Fighter II – Episode 001

  1. Really excited about the new show! I’ve been following PASTBLASTER on Twitch. Pleased to have a podcast to learn more about arcade games and their history. Great job on the first episode!

  2. Just curious what your guys’ opinions are on the 1UP 3/4 size cabinets with multiple games that haver been coming out. I know some have had issues with the quality of the joystick & buttons but I was thinking more along the lines of playing a machine that uses roms as opposed to actual arcade boards.

    1. We side on having the actual hardware when possible. All of us have played emulated games, which are great ways to discover games you never had the opportunity to play, but if you really like a game there’s no substitute for the real thing – especially when it comes to the inputs.

      As for the 1UP games, the three of us have different views. Personally, I’m not a fan – less due to the emulation and more to the obscenely small size and shoddy builds. I feel like Zoolander when it comes to these things: ‘What is this? An arcade for ants?!”

    2. Here’s my $.02 – They are neat, but they are toys. For the price you are paying, they are fun to play around with, but they won’t last long due to using inferior parts. They are also running version of MAME, so the games aren’t going to run 100% Accurately.

      Now, with all of that being said, you can spend a little cash, and put better parts into them, and modify them with Raspberry Pi’s (Still running MAME) but you can have a bunch of games. I currently haev 2 of these all modified up (Street Fighter 2 and Space Invaders).

      They are fun if you wanna have a cool toy to play around with, but they are not Arcade Quality out of the box.

      Hope that helps!

      1. I do have a Pi/Retrocade box I fire up once every now & again for some 1942, Snow Bros., etc.. I was just wondering if you guys think that MAME does a decent job of reproducing games (I’d imagine that older ones can be done better than the newer ones).

        Very much looking forward to the next episode. : )

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