Coulrophobia – Vidjagame Apocalypse 337

Once-beloved children’s entertainers become blazing nightmare fuel in videogames, where white makeup and red noses are all but synonymous with sadism and murder. While this week’s Laser Time explores evil clowns in wider pop-culture, we’re drilling down to find five of the most terrifying clowns ever to menace gamers. Then it’s on to Indivisible, PlayStation 5 news, and your creepiest arcade experiences.

Question of the Week: What’s a creepy, scary, or generally terrible experience you’ve had at a circus, carnival, or county fair?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Everybody Loves a Clown by Gary Lewis and the Playboys.


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6 thoughts on “Coulrophobia – Vidjagame Apocalypse 337

    1. So Sweet Tooth was # 5 eh? I am so not aware of clowns in gaming. Didn’t even know N.A.R.C. had one. Good countdown, now I wanna check out some of these clown games

  1. QotW: too short for a video, but falling in a pile of shit at the donkey derby. If you don’t have a donkey derby across the pond it is where a bunch of gypsies bring enslaved animals and dangerous rides to destroy some of your favourite local foliage. There is often a donkey ride, hence the title. Donkeys tend to shit, I fell in it.
    There is also hook a duck which of you are clever you would refer to as “fuck a duck” where you would use a long stick to pick a plastic duck off a rotating lazy Susan whereby you would win a goldfish.

  2. Oh boy. We don’t really have any of those where I live, but as I child I went on a circus course for a weekend, solely because my friend was going.

    It felt pretty miserable, honestly. I was there for the whole weekend and it was mostly about doing acrobatics or utilizing some special skills (none of which I have). I was, and still am a total clutz, which is not a positive factor when you are attempting juggling for the first time in your life.

    All the other kids there seemed to knew each other and I quite honestly had no idea what I was even doing there. I felt like the only person there withouy any skills. To make matters worse, my friend (who seemed to know quite a lot of people there) had recently started watching Death Note and wouldn’t talk about anything else. I share Diana’s view on anime, and boy, people who watch anime REALLY love talking about it.

    I left after not having learnt much of anything but having taken a big bump on my self-esteem (which wasn’t much to begin with). It was probably great fun for the other kids. There was a powerful trampoline and we played a lot of games, but I just had no business being there.

    Anyways, the only clown related thing we did was try not to laugh as people made weird faces at us. I also sucked at that.

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