The Simpsons’ First Episode, Peter Jackson’s First Cosplay-Proof Movie, and Hurricane Denzel Touches Down on Theaters

Jan. 10-16: Ed O’Neill stands up for Fox, Richard Gere breaks bad, Mr. Bean awkwardly walks into our hearts, girls are interrupted, Ice Cube comes back to say “Hi Felicia,” Charlie and Emilio do porn, Supernova explodes, Denzel’s version of “The Road,” and your chemistry teacher’s favorite album. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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4 thoughts on “The Simpsons’ First Episode, Peter Jackson’s First Cosplay-Proof Movie, and Hurricane Denzel Touches Down on Theaters

  1. Great episode as usual, and happy we still have some holdovers from the 80s as far as movies!
    So Runaway Train was brought up as a movie with Eric Roberts that was good, and this was countered with “but no Cannon films!” I thought this was kinda funny, since Runaway Train is a Cannon film.
    Also, I approve of Tom’s idea for an LT Sopranos podcast. Your coverage on the show has been great so far.

  2. Ski Patrol. I recently watched this right after I watched Ski School because I thought Ski School was the cheesy 1990 January ski film, but it turns out it’s the cheesy 1990 DECEMBER ski film and Ski Patrol is the January one. So I watched both. Ugh. For those interested Ski School is the superior film to watch as it’s much more easily mock-able. But both films feature managers who are utterly ridiculous at their jobs and I kind of want record a quick video in which I give each of them a performance review.

    Third Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. Is there a single film in this series other than the first one that is worth seeing? (I have seen zero of them).
    Ed O’Neil SNL Monologue. He looks soooooo young!
    Bart the Genius. Sooooooooooooooo…. years ago I calculated (and it was mentioned in a listener response episode of 302010) that because Talking Simpsons covered 2.16 years per year while 302010 covered only one year per year, that even though the shows started at different chronological dates there would come a date in which both shows would be covering the same episode of The Simpsons at the same time. This week Talking Simpsons on the Patreon advance feed is covering Bart the Genus. This week on 302010 the hosts are talking about Bart the Genus. THE PROPHECY HAS COME TRUE!!!!
    (Looks wistfully out window)
    “Though not in the manner I had foreseen…”
    (Thunder crashes)

    A grown adult decides to dress as a “gifted child after he has grown up” for Halloween. This costume is super easy and it looks exactly like his everyday self. When he goes door to door and people ask, “What are you supposed to be?” he wistfully looks off into the distance and says, “I was supposed to be a lot of things….” Were you part of the “Gifted Child” program at your school?
    First appearance of “Eat my shorts!” That was said soooooooooooooo many times at my school. I can’t remember if a kid actually got busted for saying it to a teacher in class or if we just all talked about one of us saying it to a teacher so much that I’m remembering us talking about it, not anyone ever actually doing it. Did you ever actually tell someone to eat your shorts and if so what was the effect?
    Mr. Bean is now 30 years old. It speaks to the international appeal of this show that while I had never heard of it when I taught English in Japan it seemed like every one of my students absolutely adored Mr. Bean and though the was the funniest thing ever. Eventually after the 100th student wrote, “Mr. BEAN!” and drew a picture of him with a turkey on his head in response to their essay question of, “What is your favorite TV show?” I watched an episode or two and saw why the humor crossed all language barriers. What was your first exposure to Mr. Bean?
    Chris watched Mr. Bean on one of his first hangovers. What was your first hangover and how did you recover from it?
    CD Players. When is the first time you personally saw a CD player? There is a joke in The Wedding Singer, set in 1985, about the villain buying a CD player for a thousand bucks but while I can’t be sure I don’t think I ever saw one in the 1980’s.
    “The vagina drying sounds of They Might Be Giants.” How did you discover TMBG? I don’t know if this was just my college or it happened everywhere, but in the pre-napster days my college used to give each student a folder in the university’s mainframe so they could store (presumably homework) files in it and share them with other students. Well, when mp3’s took off suddenly people were sharing mp3’s left and right and this happened until we crashed the university’s system and they had to end the system. Before that happened in some random student’s folder I discovered Birdhouse in Your Soul.
    Marissa Ethridge’s donor. Huh. Never knew that.
    Girl Interrupted. From the trailer that girl does not sound like escaping a mental health facility would be good for her. If I had to guess, I’d say that most films set in mental institutions usually featuring characters who the audience wishes wasn’t in the intuition or at least are borderline cases about if they should or should not be there. Is there any film where the message is, “More people should be committed to mental asylums.” ?
    Next Friday. 2000. Never seen original Friday.
    Rated X staring Charlie Sheen is about how the producers of Behind the Green Door made 30 million dollars. I get how porn made money in the 1970’s when people had to buy tickets to see it (because that was the only option to watch porn in the 1970’s) but I am legitimately clueless about how an average porn movie made in 2020 makes a single penny in 2020 given the, for all practical purposes, there is an unlimited amount of average porn out there. If it’s super niche and or if people spend money to feel like they have a relationship with the actors, yea I can see that still making some tiny amount of money in 2020 but there are literally hundreds or even thousands of new porn videos produced every day. Even if they only cost a thousand bucks a piece, how do they make that make? I just don’t understand it.
    18 Wheels of Justice is THE dumbest name I have ever heard for any TV show, ever. Prove me wrong Children! What is a dumber name of a TV show that actually existed?
    Guy Walks into a Psychiatrist. I didn’t watch The Sopranos until I watched Seasons 1 through 4 over a couple of weeks. But for some reason I missed Season 2 episode 1 in that initial watch and as a result that episode still always feels fresh to me. Also, how about A Talking Sopranos mini-series for Bonus Time? Why not cover, oh call it 3 or 4 episodes per bonus time episode? Sarah and Chris both obviously really enjoy talking about the Sopranos and in three bonus time episodes you could cover an entire seasons.
    It was interested hearing on Classic Corner how the only film to be re-made more times than “A Star Is Born” is “The Front Page” which has been remade in ’31, ’40, ’74, and ‘88. If you haven’t seen His Girl Friday (1940) with Carry Grant I heavily recommend it.
    In this universe after the nuclear war all copies of the Bible were destroyed. DID THE FILMMAKERS HAVE ANY IDEA OF HOW MANY COPIES OF THE BIBLE THERE ARE?????? Because the Bible has already survived the literal collapse of civilization once. That’s a thing that happened. And that was before the invention of the printing press. There are probably more copies of the Bible in a Boise Idaho today than there were in the entire Roman Empire at its height. And they, and all other copies, were all destroyed in an apparently worldwide highly organized campaign that happened after nuclear war destroyed civilization? Even the copies of the bible left behind in abandoned houses or cabins in the woods? Even copies that people were buried with? Because tons of people have been buried with bibles for hundreds of years now and there isn’t really a master list of them. But somehow all of those got destroyed too? That’s some mighty fine worldwide organization done by scattered groups of isolated people trying to survive nuclear winter to all simultaneously engage in.
    What are some of your favorite depictions of The Afterlife in film?
    “All downhill for Peter Jackson from here on out.” Never Grow Old was honestly one of the best films of the year and drew me into WWI in a way no other film has ever done before.

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