Digging Through The Disney Graveyard – Laser Time #401

So Uncle Mickey unlocked the vault and unleashed EVERYTHING onto the Disney+ streaming service? Obviously not, but most of us were too blinded by The Mandalorian to care in those first few weeks. Certain titles are missing there because of momentarily tangled rights, but other omissions are more baffling, and others… well, there’s dozens of wholly-owned pieces of Disney entertainment the company would rather stay dead and buried. But in this weird Patreon preview/make good, we’re grabbing our shovels and digging up the stuff Disney+ will most likely NEVER let you see…


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One thought on “Digging Through The Disney Graveyard – Laser Time #401

  1. Great episode!

    In regards to Absent Minded Professor, you’ll notice that none of the Disney films starring Fred McMurray are on the service;
    The Happiest Millionaire
    Follow Me Boys
    Charlie and the Angel
    The Shaggy Dog
    Bon Voyage
    Son of Flubber
    I’ve researched to find out this is due to a dispute with the McMurray estate.

    Also some other key films you missed that you can’t find;
    The Watcher in the Woods
    Something Wicked This Way Comes

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