The Best-Selling Game Console of All Time Debuts, Tim Burton Goes Full Disney, and Sean Connery Disappears Underwater

Feb. 28-March 5: Alec Baldwin is part of a subgenre, Tyra Banks is life-sized, Doogie Howser confronts racism, the last of the Atari 2600, bad movies from Madonna, Danny DeVito, and Garry Shandling, Norm and Drew demand your attention, we hate the futterwacken, and it’s mid-season replacement failure time on TV. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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4 thoughts on “The Best-Selling Game Console of All Time Debuts, Tim Burton Goes Full Disney, and Sean Connery Disappears Underwater

  1. Red October is a bit clever in that they are all speaking british english but Sean Connery has his Scottish accent. In the book, the crew are all Russian except for Connery’s character who is Lithuanian so he would have had an accent. I want to say they did that on purpose but meh.

    I laugh when Diane does a black celebrity (usually musician) and you guys miss it. It’s always interesting to know that, before the walls of culture broke down in this digital age, certain aspects of culture were totally sequestered in certain communities.

  2. I’m surprised you guys didn’t talk at all about Plastic Beach. Plastic Beach is such a great album and personally my favorite Gorillaz albums. Great tracks like “Stylo” “Superfast Jellyfish” and “On Melancholy Hill”. They even got some great guests to do track with like Snoop Dogg, Mos Def and even Lou Reed (he is on the track “Some Kind of Nature”). Great album and great listen if you haven’t heard it before.

  3. Wasn’t Drowning Mona the movie with the Yugos in it? Like, the town the movie takes place in there where a Yugo plant, so everybody drove one?

  4. I think I watched The Hunt for Red October with my dad when I was 11 and I hated it. Couldn’t stand it and was bored out of my mind. Then by the time I was 14 or 15 I started reading Tom Clancy and became a HUGE fan and read every book of his. Looking back it was a pretty bad example of world building because while THFRO is a self-contained action piece that wouldn’t fundamentally change our world but within five more books or so Clancy was depicting a US that had suffered multiple WMD terror attacks, lost all of Congress and the Senate to a Japanese Kamikaze piloting a commercial jet (that was pre-911), and which got in multiple wars that the US didn’t in our timeline and … none of that seemed to have ANY significant effect, not just on the wider American culture but even on the very specific culture of the military and intelligence agencies that the books largely focus on. The US Army itself has a different culture in 2020 because of 9/11, Iraq, and Afghanistan (in comparison to what it was like pre-2001) but Tom Clancy’s armed forces still seemed very much like the US military post-Gulf War even after they had defeated Japan (our closest ally in Asia). But all that is the future for him as THFRO played much more to Clancy’s strengths (tightly focused, self-contained, very narrow view) so while I’ll never go back to re-read any of his books, just moved past that type of literature, I bet THFRO is worth a re-watch.
    Oh and the visual/audio way they handled “Speaking Russian and POOF are now speaking English” was a pretty good example of a good way to show that just because we are hearing these people in English that doesn’t mean they are not speaking Russian, I think. Honestly though most audiences have a bit of a disconnect with people speaking English and it being meant to be heard as another language. For example, accents! If people are speaking English with various accents nobody thinks twice. But people mocked Sean Connery’s Scottish accent in this film. My question is why? It’s not like Russian, a geographically huge language group, doesn’t have regional accents so what’s wrong with just assuming that Connery’s Scottish accent is actually how Georgian accent is translated into English? Same-same with Romans. Almost all Roman movies depict Romans as all speaking the same to avoid audience disconnect, but a Roman who lived in present day France would sound funny to one who lived in present day Algeria who would sound funny to one who lived in present day Bulgaria, and meanwhile the Romans who lived in Rome would make fun of them all.
    Doogie Howser solves Racism Forever! Were there sitcoms from when you were young with any cheesy episodes that tackled race that you think made a positive impact on you? One I can think of for me was when Nell Carter had an episode about blackface. I was all of seven years old when I watched it but I remember thinking, “Oh! Black people get hurt if you put on black face! I don’t want to hurt black people so I will not put on blackface.” And I never did (this was super easy to do btw) and have always found it mind-boggling odd when I come across news stories of people who did anytime post 1984. Like, come on guys! Nell Carter explained this so that _literally_ a seven year old could get it.
    His and Hers. Two doctors? And they live together! If that’s what got canceled then what they replaced it with must have been comedy gold! Jeeze, you know when people talk about the Golden Age of TV it’s important to remember that only 9 years separated this show from the debut of The Sopranos.
    Lonestar. Baby I’m amazed by you. Is a soft “Love is nice” song. Not a single year passes in which the Billboard Year End Top 100 list doesn’t have one or more songs in that genre, but they are usually not very fondly remembered just because there are so many of them, year after year, they all just kind of blend together unless you have a specific internal memory associated with one.
    Hooray For Boobies by the Bloodhound Gang as an example of “Dumb Horny Dude White Guy Rap.” – Other examples of that sub-genre?
    PS2 debuts in Japan (and will debut in the US in October). POLL: Was the first DVD player you ever owned a PS2?
    Sounds like Audition, a film whose first 45 minutes is rom com and whose last 45 is torture porn is indeed, “A sadistic breach of contract between filmmaker and filmgoer.” What other films to you think broke their contract with the filmgoers?
    Let’s list all the things a dog can’t normally do/be but where the main hook of the film is that a dog is doing that exact same /being that thing. I’ll start: Basketball player – Air Bud.
    The Next Best Thing. What film, if any, is a good exploration of queer parenthood?
    What’s everyone’s favorite work of Garry Shandling? For me it’s the Larry Sanders show. I really really wish HBO had done a Larry Sanders Show Reunion Show Within a Show before he died because I would love to see those characters again.
    Cow and Chicken. So now that’s it’s been twenty years can we finally explore how _did_ the mother have a cow and chicken?
    Sopranos. Richie Aprile can’t handle a guy who is younger than him being his boss. Have you ever been the boss of someone much older than you or had a boss who was much younger than you? How did it go?
    Norm Show – Episode with movie references. Any chance we could do a group facebook watch of this episode where the entire lasertime community tries to name all the references we can?
    I can’t hear about The Picture of Dorian Gray without thinking of this comic:
    What’s your theory on why despite two films that both made around a Billion dollars the Alice in Wonderland live action Disney films have almost no real legacy?

    Leno opening with the Wizard of OZ reminded me of a scene in Studio 60 where the writer they brought back to SAVE THE SHOW decides he needs something really great to show how awesome they are so he decides to go with a parody of … The HMS Pinafore. A song that was written by two men who were born not just before the Civil War, but before the Mexican-American War. And the show treated this like it was this comedic original masterpiece worthy of a Nobel Prize, while I was just waiting for the newspapers to say how fuddy duddy it was (never happened because

    It was said on the show that Steely Dan has three songs about dating someone younger than them. For those of you who don’t know, I’m listing to the Billboard Year End Top 100 list from the 1950’s to 2019 and “jailbait” songs were definitely a “thing.” They didn’t happen every year, but at least once every five years or so I’d hear one. BUT! They don’t appear to be a thing anymore. As far as I can tell, there aren’t any Year End Top 100 songs in the 21st century about that topic
    Parenthood the TV show. (Cracks knuckles) Alright y’all sit back because have I got some thoughts on this show. One, it’s quality TV. Extremely well written, well-acted, well directed, it’s one of those rare network shows that still managed to compete with cable in terms of quality, if you haven’t seen it it’s utterly binge-worthy. Two. As the name implies, it’s about Parenthood and honestly I don’t think that’s a topic that gets enough exploration in media. Parenthood is a pretty primal human experience, up there with romance or fighting, but for structural reasons it’s just not as naturally dramatic. If your piece of fiction is about romance or fighting you can have it take place over a few days and the audience will accept that you can fall in love or win a fight in that time frame. But parenthood? It takes 18 years to raise a kid and that’s not a good structural length of time to tell a story over. Plus, even, “The kid moves out to be a functioning adult on their own” isn’t as clear cut as “They get married” or “The bad guy dies” from a structural standpoint. Obviously despite those limitations there has been some great works of fiction about the parenthood experience and honestly I think the tv show ranks up there in the top. Three. When the show started it was VERY interested in the economics of parenthood. 1 of the single-parent was lower class and needed to move back in with _their_ parents, one of the parent pairs was middle class, and one of the parent pairs was upper class. And the show explored all the ways that this mattered to being a parent. At first. But as season after season went by you could tell the writers really didn’t want to deal with it anymore. And again, from a structural standpoint this makes sense. Lack of money/resources/time limits the number of interesting things a character can do (This is why the Simpsons started out where a couple of hundred bucks ruined their Christmas and then over time started traveling all over the world anytime they felt like it.) By the end of Parenthood the TV show essentially everyone was upper-class but at the start they tackled money and parenthood in a way that was/is rare and they should get kudos for it. Four. Parenting a three year old is radically different than parenting an eight year old and parenting a 14 year old is radically different than being a parent to a kid who is 19 and moved away to college and the show lasted long enough that you could watch as the parenthood experience changed for the characters. Finally Five. It got “parenthood.” The unimportant stuff? Well, that’s often super important because the vast bulk of childhood is filled with stuff that is unimportant, if taken individually, but when you put it all together that’s what created someone, and there’s nothing as important as that.
    So I’ve never seen a single episode of Nip and Tuck but there are times when I don’t mind trashy TV. What are the most exploitative/trashy episodes of Nip and Tuck?
    I get why Matt Damon didn’t want a TV show telling the world how his ancestors were slave owners, but everyone has 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 2GP, 16, 3GP, 32 4GP, 64 5GP, …. And by the time you get to your 9th power grandparents, you are talking about 1,000+ ancestors. And is 1 out of 1000 people a horrible human being? Oh, for sure, easy, WAYYYYYYYYYYY more than that, IMO. But everyone on the planet is the decedent of incestuous cannibals, if you go back far enough, so that’s important to keep in perspective.

    First PAX East. I’ve never been to a PAX but have always wanted to attend one. Who here has gone to a PAX and how was it?
    I too really wanted Mega Man 10 to exist and yet when it came out, I never played it. AND I had never played a ton of the other Mega-Man games that it was riffing off of (and I could have easily played them) and yet I cheered the making of Mega Man X. Honestly, Honest Trailers just kind of nailed the problem with games like this. People like me want them to exist but we have such a plethora of entertainment that we don’t necessarily want to make the time to play them.
    Dante’s Inferno is a game that I have strong views on, despite the fact that I have never played it, never read a review on it and am basing all my information SOLEY on Penny Arcade comics about it nevertheless the strong views remain.

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