No Belmonts, No Problem – Vidjagame Apocalypse 358

Between the third season of the Netflix show and the mobile release of Symphony of the Night, it’s a good time to be a Castlevania fan – so to celebrate, we grabbed friend of the show Greg Moore for a look back at five of the best Castlevanias whose stars weren’t whip-wielding Belmonts. Then it’s time to dive into Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Call of Duty: Warzone, the most shocking E3 announcement in years, and your nominees for President and VP of videogames.

Question of the Week: What game or series from your childhood do you keep returning to the most?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is I Am the Wind by Rika Muranaka, Tony Haynes, and Cynthia Harrell.


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6 thoughts on “No Belmonts, No Problem – Vidjagame Apocalypse 358

    1. As I predicted, haha.

      Aria/Dawn would be my #1. I feel it refined the SotN formula the best, over the other GBA/DS games.

      Probably played through both more than SotN.

      Music is absolutely KILLER in both games.

      Only thing I didn’t like, as you mentioned is the touch stuff in Dawn.

  1. The video game I keep coming back to is Super Mario Bros. 3. I’ve played it multiple times on anything that has power.
    I’ve recently discovered that the WII U Game Boy Advance port has the E-reader levels included. So it’s like a new SMB 3.5 game that I didn’t know existed. It’s really rad and kind of feels like a Mario Maker level (but good). Having the cape in SMB 3 is really cool and mixing in other elements from SMB2 (like pulling veggies) is kind of foreshadowing of what was to come.

    Hopefully this doesn’t stay stuck on the Wii U.

  2. The game from my childhood that I frequently go back to is M.C. Kids for the NES. Yes, the McDonald’s game. Set aside the classic Angry Video Game Nerd video, it’s actually a really great late-NES platformer. Unlike Mario, your goal in each level isn’t just to get to the end, you also need to explore the level and find hidden pickups in order to unlock the next world. The game even has a secret world you can unlock by finding all of the secret pickups spread throughout the whole game. It’s a really great kind-of hidden gem on the platform, check it out!

  3. Saints Row the Third is the game I keep going back to and replaying to 100%. Basically becoming a un-killable god, with exploding bullets and buckets of bravado scratches the itch I have to play a game with zero push back.
    The other game I keep coming back to each year is Danganronpa, i get past the first two cases…maybe, but It just never sticks for me. I’ve got a vita version, a ps4 version and even the anime, none of which i’ve ever got more than a stones throw into. I keep trying, maybe if it hits the switch at some point I’ll buy it once again and try an see it to the end this time!

  4. Opps, that last comment wasn’t really from my childhood…
    Links awakening was the game as a child I would play over and over to completion. I would be sat on a bus for an hour each day on my way to school, and between bouts of other children flicking the power switch as the walked past my seat, I would be internalising every dungeon and puzzle.
    I was still dipping back into the DX version on a gameboy colour, and later on the 3ds as a download game.
    The switch version has brought it back again, an I still remember everything. Getting the game on a Friday evening and having it finished by the Sunday, I loved every moment of it. Looking forward to doing it all again!

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