Q*Bert – Episode 014


Strap in for our most profane episode yet (or not, as we’ll explain). It’s time to talk about Gottlieb’s biggest arcade hit – Q*bert! Find out how this game by Warren Davis and Jeff Lee became a pop culture sensation. How did this isometric exercise become so @!#?@! good? What are some alternative uses for 9-inch floppy disks? Are air fryers magic? Also on this episode we discuss the Superman II game that never was, how Wal-Mart is responsible for giving us fishing and candy cabs, Mr. Boston, Apollo 11, and squid balls.



One thought on “Q*Bert – Episode 014

  1. Looking forward to listening to this! Just the concept of Podouken made me realise I kinda hope that one day I get to have some arcade cabinets in my dream house, but tastefully.

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