Unforgettable Intros – Vidjagame Apocalypse 362

Sometimes, the first few minutes of a game are so memorable that they overshadow everything that comes after them, standing out as the first thing you remember about the game for years afterward. This week, we grab TL Foster of the PNB podcast network for a rundown of five of our favorite opening sequences ever, after which we’ll touch on Final Fantasy VII Remake, get deep into the Resident Evil 3 remake, and hear about the games you think are most overdue for remakes.

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite intro sequence from a videogame?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is One-Winged Angel Rebirth by Nobuo Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu, and Mitsuto Suzuki.


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6 thoughts on “Unforgettable Intros – Vidjagame Apocalypse 362

  1. The spooky opening cinematic and foray into a cave in Dark Cloud on PS2 was amazing. Although cartoony today, back then it felt so scary and atmospheric. I had never played another game like it. Each and every single bat I had to kill was a terrifying threat, and the items they dropped were mysteries. I didn’t know what anything meant, or how anything worked, except that running into the glimmering pool in the cave healed poison, and I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any different. Now that we’re on lockdown I’m toying with the idea of buying the PS4 port and finishing it for the first time.

  2. QotW: Always was fond of The Getaway’s intro…it was sorta like FF7’s…it starts off cinematic then goes right into gameplay…an urgent chase to get back your kidnapped son…and if you didn’t know what to do/where to go…game over, just like that.

  3. QotW: I’d say my favorite intro is Earthbound. Everything from the meteor hitting up until the death of poor Buzz Buzz at the hands of a lousy neighbor. It was a good introduction to the battle system and had such character to the limited cast at that point.

  4. QotW: In my opinion one of the most memorable intro sequences to any game would be Medal of Honor Allied Assault, or to a lesser extent MOH: Frontline. You start out with a solemn quote only to essentially play the D-Day landing in Saving Private Ryan. While the D-Day landings have been done to death (bad pun?) this game was the first to do it on this scale. Running up the beach, hiding behind beach obstacles, and avoid machinegun fire was never as intense before this game. Once you clear the beach you blow open the barrier, rush the bunkers, and clear the machinegun nests then looking back at the bloody battlefield to see the rest of your comrades make it to safety. MOH:AA really hit the ground running.

  5. QOTW- pretty much everything you mentioned in the top 5 was on my best intro list, too, but I’ll add the first part of 2019’s Astral Chain into the mix. After choosing your protagonist (male or female), the camera shifts seamlessly into your character racing down a neon highway on a super powered motorcycle. You then segway into a high speed combat sequence in a tunnel, where you are alternating between gunplay and slide-dodging your bike around traffic. Without pausing for breath, you are then thrown into an on-foot combat sequence to introduce you to the basic fighting mechanics, THEN you are given your legion, where you get a taste of just how powerful you will become later on, before finally being treated to a brilliantly unexpected anime opening sequence, with kick-ass music.
    This all happenes within twenty minutes of starting a new game, and it is one of my favourite parts of one of last year’s most overlooked games.

  6. Super Metroid. I can’t think of that game without a robot voice in my head saying “The Last metroid is in captivity, the galaxy is at peace”. It goes from creepy dark laboratory, to a boss fight, to a ticking-clock escape while a base explodes – all with amazing music behind it. The intro ends with Samus landing on a rainy, mysterious planet. The whole thing manages to be chilling, exciting and give a sense of wonder in less than 10 minutes.

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