Forgotten Movie Adaptations – Laser Time #409

Even though we are practically overwhelmed with adaptions of our favorite books, comics, and games these days, getting the Hollywood treatment remains a massive accomplishment. Which is why it’s strange that sometimes, whether good or bad, your favorite thing will get made into a film that just falls into obscurity. Or maybe Netflix just made a new series out of it that overshadows in entirely! In this episode we’re talking about some of the weirdest films that couldn’t be saved by all the preexisting awareness in the world. If you’ve got any other forgotten movie adaptations we didn’t bring up, let us know in the comments…

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4 thoughts on “Forgotten Movie Adaptations – Laser Time #409

  1. I always found The Gong Show interesting because growing up in Canada, it was common slang to call anything bad or out of control a gongshow. Like “Oh ya, buddy puked on his shoes, it was a total gongshow” But I had no idea what gongshow referred to because I’d never heard of the game show. I still haven’t ever actually seen it anywhere, I just know it by reputation. It reminds me of hearing my kids say “Ok Boomer” and arguing over what boomer meant. They had no context for baby boomers and didn’t know it referred to a specific generation, they just thought boomer was an all-purpose word for someone who sucked.

  2. So much talk about Rankin and Bass and their weird Xmas specials with no mention of “The Life and Adventures of Santa Clause”…Based on the book by L. Frank Baum; it’s a wonderfully pagan holiday special featuring demons, gods, pixies, fairies, monsters, a mountain lion, immortals, and a giant-magic-antlered-magical-axe-wielding Forrest god. IT. IS. GREAT!!!

  3. If I recall correctly, the newspaper comics Brenda Starr and Prince Valiant were mentioned in this episode. The former had a movie adaptation in the ’80s, and the latter had an adaptation in the ’90s.

    I have read interviews by Bone creator Jeff Smith in which he discussed turning down at least one offer for an animated adaptation. Most of the subject matter in Bone would merit a PG rating. That said, I wouldn’t want the comic’s legacy to be buried by a toyetic movie with a flash-in-the-pan celebrity voice actor.

    There were two live action movie adaptations of The Guyver. I haven’t watched either one. My knowledge of the franchise began with flipping through a translated paperback at a library, and then ended with reading negative reviews of the Guyver: Out of Control OAVs.

    There was a 1979 live action movie called Lady Oscar. It was an adaptation of Riyoko Ikeda’s comic Rose of Versailles. Even though director Jacques Demy lived in France (and spoke multiple languages), the movie’s dialogue was entirely in English. I don’t think the movie qualifies as an anime adaptation, since its theatrical debut was several months before the Rose of Versailles animated series began airing. As far as I can tell, the first localized version of the animated series was in Italy in 1982, and it wouldn’t be televised in France until 1986.

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