The Most Star-Studded Cartoon Crossover Since Roger Rabbit, a Big Week for SNL, and Get Ready for Some U-57FUN

April 17-23: Alec Baldwin’s first SNL, custody battles and explosions in the Gulf of Mexico, Clive Owen auditions to be James Bond, Heather Graham is committed, Demi Moore is a guerilla marketer, there’s love on the basketball court, Jennifer Lopez has a back-up plan, Idris Elba is a loser, a new Doctor Who, and Community makes a mob movie. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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3 thoughts on “The Most Star-Studded Cartoon Crossover Since Roger Rabbit, a Big Week for SNL, and Get Ready for Some U-57FUN

  1. Oprah is on the cover of “”O” magazine because she was told she’d never be on magazine covers so she said Ill.make my own so I will be on the cover. Truely an icon.

    Also “Love and Basketball” was so big with black folk. I remember it being inescapable and not realizing it was more a “black” think when I went to a majority white high school and no one had heard of it.

  2. Hello LTC, it’s your friendly internet kids horror enthusiast and I have two things to talk about. The first is cartoon all-stars to the rescue. I was shown that video in 2001 when I was in 6th grade and even as a very immature 11 year old, I was like man this is dated as hell. I only ever remembered that a bunch of characters I loved were there and not a single other thing. The other thing I have to talk about is 2000 is the fifth episode of the seventh season of AYAOTD: The Tale of the Stone Maiden. I don freaky like this episode because it has a ridiculously heavy handed environmental message that I wish they could’ve done better. A girl and her boyfriend have a fight and after a piece of a statue is removed the boyfriend drinks from the statue and is turned into a statue and now it’s up to the girl and a random hobo to save the day. Do yourself a favor: skip this one and wait until next week’s episode. See you next week and stay spooky

  3. I don’t know why but this is the first time that the new intro song felt natural to me. It never felt bad or anything, just off as my mind went “ka-chunk” every time it didn’t say the “eighties” but this time it felt naturally. No idea why.

    Wings. I watched this show when it first aired and I watched it in syndication so if you add up the hours I probably spent more time watching it then I did watching Breaking Bad and Mad Men combined. And yet! Like “Coach” now I can remember almost nothing from the show. My sole memory of watching this show are as follows: The cellist giving up on cello and feeling good about it, but then being told that if she practiced even harder she might have a shot. An old man buying a “fly anywhere” ticket and flying across the country to punch his brother and take a watch. The playboy brother having a pre-planned date that he hired actors to make perfect. The old lady being angry the boys bought flight jackets when she didn’t get a raise. The fat guy saying that the festival has a long and glorious tradition of when the town council decided a couple of years ago to create one to fleece the tourists. And… that’s it. Guestimating, I watched 200+ hours of this show (I watched a ridiculous amount of syndicated shows when I was young, I was such a free-time-millionaire in my youth that my mindset towards free time is literally incomprehensible to me now).
    Alec Baldwin hosting SNL for the first of what will be at least 15 times. What is your favorite SNL sketch of his? For me, I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed as hard at any SNL sketch as I did this one: Schweaty balls. NPR’s Delicious Dish: Schweddy Balls –
    Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue. Has anyone watched this in the 21st century while not drunk or high?
    Sinéad O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2U –
    Oprah Magazine debuts. I cannot conceive of any way that any new celebrity can be half as big as Oprah was at her height. The entertainment landscape is just too fragmented today.
    U-571. What is the appeal of the submarine genre? I think it it’s that confined spaces can often bring out the worst in people combined with the knowledge that if things go wrong everyone will die. It’s conceivable that an individual soldier on the losing side of a battle will live, but a sub that is destroyed 2 miles under water? Everyone on it dies.
    Ernie Pyle. As a big history nerd I always liked him and wish they would do a modern movie about him. Anyone ever watch the Story of GI Joe?
    What is your favorite Demi Moore movie?
    I was so disconnected from SNL in the 2010’s that I had never heard of the “What up with that” SNL sketch until now:
    Community. What was your gateway episode for the show? For me it was the Christmas Special where they are Claymation. I have a ton of nostalgia for Christmas Specials and deliberately sought it out for that reason. I didn’t get a lot of it, because it is kind of dependent upon knowing the characters, but what I saw was enough to intrigue me.
    Patrick Stewart’s Hamlet. What is Patrick Stewart’s best Shakespearian role?
    “I left my wallet in elsa gundo” What are some of your favorite story songs?

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