Mom Games – Vidjagame Apocalypse 366

Hang on, this episode isn’t about Candy Crush. With Mother’s Day imminent, we decided to flip genders on the concept of “dad games” – in which a father has to protect or rescue a child – and focus on moms doing the same thing (which turned out to be surprisingly rare in videogames). Then it’s on to Streets of Rage 4, Mortal Kombat 11’s Aftermath expansion, and the games you took a year or more to play.

Question of the Week: In belated honor of May 4, what Star Wars property (be it a film, book, or comic) would you like to see made into a game?


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6 thoughts on “Mom Games – Vidjagame Apocalypse 366

  1. QOTW:

    The second Jedi purge happens before the events of The Force Awakens, and is the event that results in Ben Solo becoming Kylo Ren. Given the events from Ren’s perspective have been covered in comic form, I’d like a game that, in the style of Jedi: Fallen Order, covers the purge from the perspective of one of Luke’s fledgling Padawans who survives the purge and is pursued by the Knights of Ren throughout the New Republic. We know that *some* of Luke’s students survived (however briefly), so covering their stories as someone entirely new to the Luke’s Jedi Order just as it collapses could give an interesting perspective on the events that drove Luke into exile.

  2. Not surprised it’s rare at all, but am interested to hear the full list, since off the top I can’t really think of games of a mom protecting/saving their child.

  3. QOTW: There has never been a Star Wars stealth game. Imagine playing a Rogue One style rebel agent (who has a melee weapon stick) in an open world game ala MGS5/Assassin’s Creed: sneak around, steal secret documents, have heists, bounty hunting side quests, use your very limited force ability to knock over things to distract stormtroopers, recruit people to your cause, etc. There are any number of properties this would work with: tie in with Galaxy’s Edge, Doctor Aphra comics, being one of the many Bothans who died to get the second Death Star plans.

  4. QOTW-
    The bit of Star Wars I’d like to see made into a game isn’t a movie, show, book, or comic. It’s the Star Wars line of Micro Machine toys. I’m thinking it could be the game play of Rogue Squadron II but played out in the real world, Toy Story style. Imagine the battle of hoth taking place over a shag area rug. From Galoob!

    Also, I know you didn’t ask but the best game about a mother is obviously Super Mario Sunshine. The one where we find out Princess Peach is the mother of Bowser Jr. – yes, that one. The best.

  5. QOTW:

    Long time listener, first time caller. I recently took a dive into the Expanded Universe, or “Legends” lore as is is named under Disney, with the New Jedi Order series. I have only read the first novel so far, Vector Prime, written by RA Salvatore and published in 1999.

    It would never happen under the Disney regime, however, a game set during the Yuuzhan Vong War would be amazing. A race from outside the galaxy, the Yuuzhan Vong blend Lovecraftian elements within the Star Wars universe. Everything that they use is a bio-engineered life form, from their weapons and armor to their ships. This would lend itself well to great enemy variety in a video game series based on the conflict. They also exist outside of the Force, which poses a challenge to our Jedi protagonists.

    Not to mention the superb job that was done with Luke, Leia, Han and other members of the returning cast, in their 40s by this point, alongside new and interesting characters such as Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo and the fan favorite Mara Jade.

    As this conflict heavily impacts the galaxy far, far away, I would prefer to see a KotOR-like scenario in wish the player assumes the role of a random making his or her own way in the galaxy while the events of the New Jedi Order series unfold. Would it follow the old RPG tabletop rules or be a new genre completely? Given the bleak themes of the novels, perhaps a rogue like or X-COM style tactics game would be a good format for this seemingly unstoppable foe?

    I do not hate the Disney trilogy by any means, but would like to see what could have been. Keep on keeping on, love the show.

  6. QoTW:
    X-wing / TIE fighter
    I don’t just mean a modern update to the PC classic X-wing-vs-TIE fighter with all modern bells and whistles, (but please, please, please give me that too!) I would like a new Star Wars Fighter simulation based on the plots, characters, and time periods from Michael Stackpole’s Rogue Squadron, and Aaron Allston’s Wraith Squadron.

    Whether they take the legends approach, or adapt the story to fit into Disney cannon, I don’t care. I just want a Star Wars meets Top Gun video game.

    Even for DLC content, flying star fighters from different eras of Star Wars would be fantastic. This type of game would really scratch that space battle itch these new movies have only cock-teased us with.

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