The Weirdest SNL Hosts, Russel Crowe is Robin Hood, and Scientology Gets its Best Movie Ever!

May 8-14: Hollywood finally addresses AIDS, the Class of 1999 graduates, Norm Macdonald and Dave Chapelle are screwed, ballet takes center stage, we write letters to Juliet, Queen Latifah is just wright, Jamie Foxx is held up, and three interesting SNL guests – one notorious, one iffy, one beloved. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.

And to save you the trouble of looking it up – “Center Stage” final number, in three parts for some reason.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


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6 thoughts on “The Weirdest SNL Hosts, Russel Crowe is Robin Hood, and Scientology Gets its Best Movie Ever!

  1. I am not a Scientologist. Battlefield Earth the movie is terrible. Having said that, Battlefield Earth the book is one of my guilty pleasure reads that I revisit every decade or so.

    The baffling thing is most of the infamous plotholes Diana listed in the podcast are things that were addressed in the book. Contemporary military equipment are rusted hulks. Fort Knox was stripped in the initial invasion. It’s like the writers took every single plothole their God Emperor closed up and thought “let’s shit all over that!”

    I have to say, though, that Battlefield Earth: The Movie and Battlefield Earth: The Book have nothing on Battlefield Earth: The Flamethrower! Wait… wrong franchise. They have nothing on Battlefield Earth: The Audiobook.

    That thing has insane production values and lots of A-list Hollywood talent because, y’know, Scientology. Best of all, though, is a young boy character who is played by none other than Nancy Cartwright. And she apparently doesn’t have much range because it sounds like Bart Simpson has been dropped straight into the audio Saga of the Year 3000 (TM).

    It. Is. Amazingly. Bad. But in the best possible way. Well worth an Audible credit if you want a laugh.

  2. I hate Andrew Dice Clay. I don’t understand how his sophmoric misogynistic humor got so popular, though as I type that I totally know who it did. Totally agree with Sarah that they make the joke on the women not tolerating his nonsense.

    Betty White was ahead of the curve on that Facebook monolouge. Though I may add/replace Twitter.

  3. What was the first album you bought with a Parental Advisory Logo? I remember a kid showing off a CD he brought to school that had the Parental Advisory Logo on it and playing, “Indian Girl” by Slick rick. To my 12 year old ass it blew my mind that you could take something wholesome (Davy Crockett) and make it dirty. I instantly went out and tried to buy it. 30 years later I can still vaguely see the store clerk looking at me and asking if I was sure I had my parents permission to buy this. In retrospect she was probably just messing with me because she didn’t make the slightest effort to question my squeaky cracking “y—ya-YES!”I stammered out before fleeing the store with my purchase. In the end though I was very disappointed that the whole album wasn’t, “Weird Al, but DIRTY!”
    Def by Temptation. What is your favorite African-American horror comedy?
    Class of 1999 being set a mere 9 in the future seems odd when it’s such a super radically different future and I was going to say that we don’t really see that that often anymore, but I just finished season one of Amazon’s Upload tv show and that’s set a whole whopping 13 years in the future during which we’ve somehow developed magic wonder brain-to-computer tech , so I guess it’s still a thing.
    Who is your favorite book on tape audio reader? Mine is Todd McLarren.
    Just a note that I liked you exploring SNL in all three segments and I’d love for you to do that with The Simpsons or any other show that has been on during all three segments just so that we can get a feel for how it’s changed over the decades.
    Andrew Dice Clay SN:’s It’s A Wonderful Life
    Wilson Phillips titled his debut album, Wilson Phillips. Huh. Apparently that is not as uncool as I thought:
    Tony! Toni! Toné! Apparently they went by this name as a joke until they decided it had a nice ring to it.
    What is the film you think is the worst but that you know at least one person who genuinely thinks it’s a good movie? For me it’s Battlefield Earth. I saw this opening day as I was a huge sci-fi geek who was just starting to explore sci-fi authors whose main works were written before I was born. As such, I had vaguely heard of the Battlefield Earth series, but had never read a word of it or anything else L. Ron wrote. But I was curious to see what it was about so I bought my ticket and for some reason I can’t remember my Mom and a housemate who was living with us at the time were with me. My Mom quickly fell asleep (a wise choice) but I stayed conscious and cringed and cringed as every painful moment passed. The housemate, however, came out of the film talking about how good it was. I don’t think my opinion of her ever quite recovered from that. [Joking/kinda-sorta-not-joking].
    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. Are Clancy and Madden the longest lasting “real names” in video game history?
    The New America by Bad Religion. This is the song from that album that really stuck with me;
    Blithe Spirit (1945). “Like an old timey Beetlejuice.” SOLD! I have got to watch that.
    I saw Robin Hood three days ago and for most of the film I was actively trying to ignore that it was a Robin Hood movie and just pretend that it was a medieval film, and on that level I thought it was pretty good right up intil the ending when it all came crashing down. thought that, except for the ending, it was a pretty darn good film. Mind you, I saw the director’s cut so I’m wondering if anyone saw the original AND the director’s cut and thought that one was better than the other? Mind you, I think the ending was SUPER week.
    Betty White. Monologue SNL. To be fair, Facebook is a huge waste of time.

  4. Man, I’ve been away from TTT for quite a while and decided to come back and give it another try, and over a couple episodes, the nonstop negativity is insufferable. I’m not sure Antista likes ANYTHING and he’s such a hypocrite about his opinions of people who like/don’t like certain things. I know, I know “hyperbole” but man….he accuses people of being bros if they like Gladiator, but he’s one of the most jocular and man-childish podcasters I listen to, and seems to have no self-awareness about it! He “hates” at least 2 out of every 3 things they talk about… IDK, if you don’t like a thing, just move on, then you can park on a certain topic and be positive if you like it! I’d rather have fun than absorb a nonstop stream of snark.

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