Saturday Night Live’s Weirdest Moments – Laser Time #412

As a television institution that’s kept chugging along for almost half a century now, Saturday Night Live has little choice but to be a reflection of our own abnormalities. So with SNL recently tapping out of socially distance sketch comedy for the season, Dave Rudden and Tony Wilson join Laser Time for a look back at some of the other weirdest moments in Saturday Night Live history! For those who want more, be sure to follow the the gang over to our Patreon for another annual edition of the SNL Awards…


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3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Live’s Weirdest Moments – Laser Time #412

  1. Yous guys mentioned the Chevy/Pryor skit(sketch) as breaking the n-word barrier however it was broken again twice by Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet in what was quite frankly weird and funny sketch. This is shockingly the best way to see it on YouTube as if they Sarah Silverman Programed it off the internet.

  2. Oh hey BTW you should try to find an SNL sketch called “Fall Foliage” it’s from when Josh Brolin hosted in like 2007. It’s also relegated to Hulu in hopes of never being seen again. Bill Hader talked about it on Opie & Anthony once. LSS the last words were “…he allowed me to be raped”
    “By who?”
    “By him”
    “Wow he seemed so nice”
    “Oh he was nice about…” end sketch

  3. The Jlo SNL that xfl almost preempted was back in 2001, so eons before Tracy’s accident.

    Speaking of Fred Willard’s SNL back in 1978, there’s an amazing sketch about early malls. Fred Willard owned a show that only sold scotch tape, and Gilda was his cashier. The Kirk Douglas dentist sketch from early 1980 is also hilarious with Gilda and Jane cracking up at the end.

    Gilda was also supposed to host in 1988 but a writer’s strike happened, and she never got her chance.

    I still say Bad Idea Jeans all the time.

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