Born Free – Vidjagame Apocalypse 385

With Spelunky 2 out this week, we’re rejoined by Experience PointsJorge Albor for a look at five games that started life as freeware projects before moving on to commercial success. Then it’s on to PlayStation 5 news, Paradise Killer, Fight Crab, Ubisoft Forward’s reveals, and whether the Xbox announcements changed your next-gen plans.

Question of the Week: Continuing last week’s QOTW, how do you feel about next-gen now that Sony and Microsoft have both revealed their plans?


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4 thoughts on “Born Free – Vidjagame Apocalypse 385

  1. QotW: The Sony news solidifies me going Xbox at first next gen. Shortages and such limited backwards compatibility killed some of my enthusiasm. Oddly this reminds me how things from the 360/PS3 went for me.

  2. Qotw: The PS5 announcement was great! Final Fantasy was pretty much the only thing that would’ve got me to buy a console at launch and they announced it for PC.

    I’ll happily wait for a few years before getting a console, maybe when they announce the Pro versions in two years (as people finally stop paying their financing)?

    I switched to PC this summer, and it’s been awesome so far.

  3. I signed up for the chance to preorder from Sony, and received the Email that I’d been selected Tuesday after the Playstation Show, after I got home from work. I got into the queue at 7:30 (Hawaii time) Friday morning, waited half an hour, and was able to order a PS5, and apparently being a Plus member got me free shipping, too. I’d guess that ordering from Sony has the least chance of not receiving after ordering, so it should be safer than going through Amazon or Target or whatever. I wonder what criteria they used to select me for this grand opportunity, it doesn’t sound like any of the podcasters I listen to got in. This is the first console since the Dreamcast that I plan to get day 1, I found a PS4 a few weeks after launch, but the others I’ve been able to wait a while to pick up.

  4. I’ll grab an Xbox after launch whenever they’re easily available, unless there’s some shitshow that hits the early adopters. I didn’t have an Xbox One, so there’s plenty of stuff I missed this gen like the Forza games and Crackdown 3. Maybe I’ll pick up a PS5 sometime down the road, if my friends do and I want to play something with them.

    P.S. Please vote.

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