Happy 3D Trails – Vidjagame Apocalypse 386

Nintendo’s 3DS is officially kaput, so this week we invite Ultra 64‘s Steve Guntli and Woody Ciskowski to help us celebrate nine stellar years of no-glasses 3D with a look at five of our favorite 3DS essentials. Then it’s on to extensive chat about Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Hades, Microsoft acquiring Bethesda, a week of nonstop preorder clusterfucks, and your next-gen plans now that most of the cards are on the table.

Question of the Week: Do you have a favorite 3DS-related memory? Tell us about it.


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11 thoughts on “Happy 3D Trails – Vidjagame Apocalypse 386

  1. @mikel…you shouldn’t have to had to rebuy games. Your data, (excluding SP at times) should have transferred over after either the repair or if they gave you a refurbished unit. Hell, even if you lost your system (like what happened to me) as long as you prove it’s your account, you get all your games back, just had to redownload.

  2. not a bad top 5…mine would probably be…
    1 Link Between Worlds
    2 Ace Attorney Dual Destinies / Spirit of Justice / Layton vs Ace Attorney (since they’re essentially the same games…)
    3 Samus Returns
    4 Bravely Default
    5 Smash 3DS

  3. @matty…you can buy the items…and I’d argue the game is still pretty linear, even if you don’t get item X in dungeon Y…cause if you think about it, being the spiritual successor to LttP, and in that game, you could more or less go through any dungeon in any order, especially after you learn the game. LBW just sorta takes the learn part out.

  4. QotW: my favorite 3ds related memory is the first anime con I went to after the system came out (Otakon 2011). There was a meet up of sorts on and that was the first time i ever got the full experience of the street pass functions. It worked so much better than Dragon Quest IX treasure maps the year before.

  5. I loved hearing yourmemories of the 3DS- In fact, it inspired me to dig my XL out from the back of my cupboard for a quick play (due to Nintendo’s witchcraft, it still had a charge!).
    My overriding memory of the 3DS is from the time that I wanted to lose weight. I would take an hour-long walk onto my local town, walk round the shops, have a cheeky beer in the pub, then make my way home.

    What has this got to do with the 3DS, you may ask? Well, on these trips, the little console was always in my pocket in standby mode. The long walk would gain me my free coins from the pedometer function. The walk round the shops would go past all the games and entertainment stores, and grab me any Streetpasser-by’s. Finally, why not quaff a swift pint whilst you clear off your Streetpass queue and play Streetpass Quest?

    Streetpass was the unsung hero of the 3DS, and I sorely miss it on the Switch.

  6. The original blocky gray Nintendo DS was my first Castlevania experience, care of Dawn of Sorrow. I played an hour or so at a friend’s house and had to go out and get my own as soon as possible. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that game, which (after countless hours of grinding soul and item drops) was later lent to a friend and never returned. I also purchased a special golden tri-force edition of the DS Lite that came with Phantom Hourglass, which I did not enjoy because of the touch screen controls. Fun fact: my tri-force DS Lite was stolen by an ex-girlfriend and sold for a bag of weed that I didn’t even get to smoke. This response was written in the voice of Chris “Smells Like Pizza” Antista.

  7. I used the 3D function exclusively when playing the Zelda remakes. It was exceptional playing them with the depth perception, it really added something to the experience. Otherwise I agree it was indeed very much a gimmick. I also got the system a year or two late, so whilst I got plenty of street passes at PAX, my mates had already long finished the various street pass titles so they had limited shared interest!

    It really should stand up as one of Nintys best consoles. (Go ahead, scorn at my British-Australian usage of Ninty, I’ll say SHIGGY too for good measure!)

  8. I have a lot of fond memories of the 3DS . Its pretty much the only platform that I’ve bought within a month of launch so I still have all of the ambassador games. I had never played any of them at that point so I had a lot of fun discovering wario land, the four swords, and metroid fusion. Now the only thing keeping my from playing them all tonight is the fact that a cough drop melted all over my 3DS so its sticky and smells like menthol.

  9. QOTW: I bought my 3DS because my wife pleaded for me to get one so that we could play Animal Crossing: New Leaf (her favorite game series) together, so I’ve always had fond feelings for it. We weren’t married yet at the time and lived a couple hours apart, so playing online kept us close when we couldn’t actually be there. One time in particular, we chose not to go out for New Year’s Eve and instead watched movies and played ACNL all night, culminating with the in-game fireworks show at midnight.

  10. I might be a little late, but:

    When I think about my time with the 3DS, I think of my first and last year with the handheld. My cousins and I were the only ones in line at Gamestop (RIP) to get our hands on the 3DS at launch. We were teenagers at the time and, for some reason, we wore Guy Fawkes masks to the mall. I know, I can’t believe it myself – they were different times. I remember the Gamestop employee whispering to us from behind the counter, “Are you guys with anonymous?” Yikes.

    My last year with my 3DS was spent in Asia. I bought a 3DS XL to take with me to Korea (I was an English teacher there for two years). My 3DS was the only game system I brought so you best believe I played the hell out of it. I played Monster Hunter: Ultimate, Pokemon: Moon, and (because VGA episode 200 was around this time) I played a butt-load of Donkey Kong ’94 and Super Castlevania 4. Needless to say, my daily subway rides were LIT. I even took my 3DS with me on my frequent trips to Japan and, I can confirm what Chris said: my street passes filled up faster than an RBG’s seat on the supreme court.

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