Kevin Costner Goes West, Bruce Willis Cannot Be Broken, And Disney’s Fifth Animation Renaissance

Nov. 20-26: Madonna is too hot for MTV; sequels for three men, 101 dogs, and a predator; Jake Gyllenhaal deals drugs, Samuel L. Jackson is a supervillain, Cher camps it up, the Wu Tang clan give advice, George Carlin loves trash, the Undertaker is born, the Muppets miss Jim Henson, Disney gets tangled, and Kanye reveals his fantasy. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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3 thoughts on “Kevin Costner Goes West, Bruce Willis Cannot Be Broken, And Disney’s Fifth Animation Renaissance

  1. So you guys mentioned The Nutcracker 3D, and I had to immediately rewatch it. You see, it is one of the wildest bad movie experiences I’ve ever had.

    The film starts out like an unremarkable, fairly good-looking effects-heavy Xmas movie with some awkward moments here and there. And then John Turturro shows up as the Rat King and the entire thing goes straight to hell. Highly recommended to watch it and forever curse me for doing so.

    Also, Nathan Lane plays, for no good reason, Uncle Albert. Uncle Albert Einstein. And he sings about the Theory of Relativity.

  2. I know this will just enrage Sarah but I stumbled upon the premiere of Burlesque in London as I was passing through. When they said Cher was going to perform I soon left. I think at that point I was still haunted by how bloody annoying hearing ‘Believe’ was constantly and to be honest still am a little…

  3. Who was the first British PM you remember? (John Major for me)

    Madonnas racy music video was shown on Nightline and had Wayne’s World sketch all while it was “banned” .I just watched the video in its entirety and I think the issue was the lingerie / swimsuit issue. Women are usually far more comfortable wearing a swimsuit in public than they would be wearing lingerie in public, despite the swimsuit frequently showing more skin than the lingerie. This is because the lingerie is usually only used for intimate moments whereas the swimsuit can be used for, well, swimming. Context matters. With this music video, I think that if the shots had been in an erotic thriller of the time they, alone, would not have pushed the film into the R rating. But because those same shots were to be displayed on TV they were treated completely different.

    Predator 2 . I haven’t seen it in 30 years. Anyone want to go to bat for it being worth a watch in 1990? (Personally I loved the original and Predators)

    I watched Dances with Wolves with the kids and we all enjoyed it. Yea, it had some pure early 90’s cheese in it, but I don’t think it deserves the hate it gets. It’s honestly a fine film and all the characters in it are well one. What film do you think does not deserve the hate it gets?

    What is the last Hollywood film to portray native Americans as capital E evil?

    The Muppets celebrate Jim Henson.

    102 Dalmatians. The original 101 Dalmatians was famously the first Disney film with a TV in it. I’m curious, what is the first Disney movie with a cell phone in it? And follow up, what was the first Disney movie with a smart phone in it?

    Unbreakable. In the US there are around 1.5 murders per 100,000 people that remained unsolved. (The vast majority of murderers only kill one person in their life so we will just be assuming that every unsolved murder results in one murderer running free, for our figures.) The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum holds 93K people in it which puts the odds of finding a murderer there already at pretty good. BUT! Murderers are disproportionately male and between the ages of 18 and 40, both of which are disproportionately likely to be in a football stadium. So I think it utterly plausible that if Bruce Willis’ character had some sort of super-power that allowed him to spot a murderer going to a large stadium would be a valid strategy that would result in at least one murderer being spotted more times than not.

    Also I really wished Unbreakable had had the twist in the middle. We could have possibly avoided MNS doing the same thing over and over again to diminishing effects.

    Only time. Enya. I got a fair amount of shit for liking Enya in college but I found her perfect to fall asleep to.

    Mishima. A life in 4 chapters.

    Judgement at Nuremberg.


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