America Loves Hoarding, Marlon Wayans Loves Heroin and Kathy Bates Loves Company

Nov. 27-Dec. 3: See robots fighting, James Caan is involuntarily quarantined, Korean ninja in the ol’ west, Robert Durst’s prequel, the U.S. is queer as folk, dinosaurs of chicken, girl you know it’s true Milli Vanilli wasn’t singing, Falcon plays black panther, we’re all 10 for two years because 5th grade is hard, into the Chunnel of Love, and we go ass to ass. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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3 thoughts on “America Loves Hoarding, Marlon Wayans Loves Heroin and Kathy Bates Loves Company

  1. I have a quick story i needed to share regarding Requiem.
    Pi was my JAM in high school . So Later, in college when i found Requiem for a Dream on DVD I bought it without hesitation. I watched it that night with some film school friends and we all liked it. But, I was still a real optimistic young man and it didn’t sit well with me. I could objectively enjoy the movie for what it was but I was good on never popping it into DVD player again.
    Well, that was not to be because in 2002 young men browsed each others dvd collection the way dogs sniff each others butts. And Requiem had a reputation although no one had seen it. So everyone who came over wanted to pop Requiem for a Dream in. I must have seen it a dozen times that first semester of college. I began borrowing it out to people, hoping they would never bring it back. But they always did, and sometimes I would go to THEIR dorm and they would be like “Oh i haven’t watched your movie yet? want to watch it now than you can take it back?”
    I hate Requiem For a Dream. I give it an 8/10

  2. “There’s nothing as queer as folk” is indeed an expression. Just replace “queer” with “odd” (can be used as synonyms but fallen out of favour) and it should make sense.

    People are weird.

  3. Robot Jox. This seems like the type of film I could have enjoyed when I was 12 but that I should not even attempt to watch as an adult.

    Misery is probably the best film to capture _the_ feel of Stephen King’s original book. I will call Shawshank the better film, but I read Misery and watched the film right after and the way the film captures the confined feel of the novel is just pitch perfect.

    Vowel Play. Wheel of Fortune and LA Law. Pretty sure this is the first episode of LA Law I watched and that was solely because I like Wheel of Fortune. And after that I started watching LA Law regularly because young me was starting to get into “adult” dramas. What was the first “adult” drama you voluntarily watched regularly?

    DuckTales finale. Huh. I was a HUGE DT fan but if there were a bunch of episodes with Dijon in them, then I must have missed them. I’ll have to look them up on Disney plus.

    It’s Pat. Can you laugh at these sketches in 2020?

    John McCloughlin. What are some real life things you only know about through SNL sketches?

    Jurassic Park the book. What was the first adult book you voluntarily read? For me it was the first book in the Star Wars Thrawn trilogy. If that’s stretching “adult” too far, it was Jurassic Park.

    What do you think is the most effective anti-drug film of all time? For me it’s Requiem for a Dream because the film made me feel the lived experience fo being addicted more than any other film I can think of.

    The Mark of Zorro. 1920.

    Troy’s 21st birthday. What did you do for your 21st birthday?

    Epic Mickey and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. I really really loved the connect of this game. I grew up reading old Mickey Mouse comic books, one of which had Mickey Mouse threaten to shoot someone with a gun, so I always thought the idea of having Mickey Mouse be a character, a real character with at least a smidge of depth, was a great idea. But the game is trapped on Wii and I was never a huge waggle fan so I’ve never played it. Any video games whose ideas appealed to you but whose actual gameplay left you uninterested?

    I hope Lesley Neelson’s tombstone is a deliberate joke. “Let ‘er RIP”

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