Shakespeare, Golden Globes, White Wolves and the Sex Friend Movie War Has Begun

Jan. 15-21: The first Gulf War starts, Mel Gibson is Hamlet for Dummies, Ethan Hawke meets a good boy, Jack Handey has deep thoughts, Jack Nicholson hunts a killer, Cate Blanchett is psychic, Juliette Binoche serves cocoa, Natalie Portman cucks her Black Swan costar, Stephen Dorff is at the Chateau Marmont, and literally the best thing to happen to Parks & Rec. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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One thought on “Shakespeare, Golden Globes, White Wolves and the Sex Friend Movie War Has Begun

  1. Men of Respect ( TV movie mashup of mobsters and Macbeth is such a perfect idea. Had it ever been done before?

    The hosts sold me on Mel Gibsons Hamlet the second they described it as “beginners Hamlet.” What are some other beginner’s films versions of Shakespeare’s plays?

    Flight of the Intruder. Has there ever been a good film about that Vietnam War that in some ways could be considered as pro-US military intervention?

    White Fang. What are some good Alaskan movies?

    Personally I fell in love with Deep Thoughts.but everyone quoted the Copy Guy at school. What is your favorite Deep Thought of all time? This is mine:

    What is the most you ever did for Wikipedia? I created the Able Archer page ( ) but it has since moved way beyond what I created for it.

    Bob the Builder. I don’t think either my wife or I has ever actually seen an entire episode of this but we always quote, “Can we fix it? Yes we can! when we are doing home improvement stuff around the house. What do you quote that you have never watched?

    1971. Vanishing Point a classic 1970s Road movie that Tarantino‘s reference tons of times. Would anyone on Lasertime be interested in a “Films that Tarantino was inspired by” film marathon?

    Aquabats. Lovers in loving love was me and my wife’s introduction song (played when we came back out as Man and Wife)

    The Way Back is free on prime but the claim that Peter Weir, the director of this and Gallipoli, has never made a bad movie. What other directors have literally not made a single bad movie?

    No Strings Attached. I don’t know if I’ve watched this or not. What movie are you most unsure of if you’ve ever watched?

    Hannah Montana Finale. Is this the biggest live action Disney show of the 21st century?

    Little Big World. I feel like just as some guitar stores have (half-jokingly) “No Stairway to Heaven” signs in them, stage builders should have a “No World 1-1” sign on them.

    Hewlett Packard. I’d love to see a biopic about this but only if it is in this vain:

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