Val Kilmer is Jim Morrison, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt are The Mexican, and Johnny Depp Wins Best Picture

Feb. 26-March 4: The Gulf War gets ugly, David Arquette is dumber than a dog, the LAPD are under fire, The Lone Gunmen are right about something, Buffy and the Sopranos confront death, Matt Damon gets adjusted, the Taliban are jerks, we won’t stop praising Rango, and we learn if The Guyver is a MacGyver prequel. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Val Kilmer is Jim Morrison, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt are The Mexican, and Johnny Depp Wins Best Picture

  1. What year did you become really aware of the world? This doesn’t mean that you had the same worldview you have now, just that historical events currently going on became real to you in a way they were not when you were a young child? I was definitely 1991 for me. The Gulf War, Rodney King, the LA Riots, and the fall of the Soviet Union actually registered with me in a way the events of 1990 did not. After 1991 I was living through history instead of mainly being oblivious to it.

    I’d like to point out that Guardian of the Universe is included with a RiffTrax Friends subscription. It’s a great deal and I’m getting a lot of use out of mine;

    The Guyver starring Mark Hamil (a so bad it’s good film). What’s everyone’s thoughts on why Star Wars didn’t make Mark Hamil a big star?

    The Doors. Who are some other people who seem interesting but actually aren’t?

    Are the Monkeys cooler than the Doors?

    Kids in the hall sketch, now you’re into the doors.

    Ben Skilar sketch at least partially about The Doors.

    Wayne’s Word Jim Morrison sketch;

    Toxic Crusaders What would be the closest 2021-ish equivilent to making a Saturday Morning Cartoon out of a gross-out R-rated film? I can’t think of anything remotely close.

    Taliban destroys the Buddha Statues. “Where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people also”.

    You Can’t kill David Arquette reference in the forgettable movie See Spot Run. Sounds like an interesting doc about a wrestler trying to revive their career

    The Mexican. Spanish speakers. Is it actually possible to compose a sentence of “English” words where an “O” is tacked on at the end and a non-English speaking Spanish Speaker would actually understand it? Also, I too would love to see The Mexican edited where it’s just Gandolfini’s story. If I could find the time…

    The Lone Gunman Debut on Fox. Is this worth watching in 2021?

    Jon Lovitz Fights Andy Dick

    Buffy. The Body. What always hit me about this is when Buffy is talking to the first responders and says the body is cold. Because with a few rare exceptions if a body is cold there pretty much isn’t anything any doctor or first responder is going to be able to do.

    Death of Livia on the Sopranos. How do you think this scene holds up?

    That clip of Edward Herrmann in Gilmore Girls is a hell of a clip. It touches on parents being affected by what their kids do which is honestly not explored enough in media.

    Zelda. Oracle of Seasons. Oracle of Ages. So many Zelda games that I genuinely want to play and yet … don’t. What is the biggest factor in you not playing a game (a game, not games in general) that you want to play?

    American Hi-Fi – Flavor Of The Weak

    The Guns of Navarone. Filmed in Rhodes. Motley crew.

    Lady Gaga – Born This Way

    The Adjustment Bureau. Regarding eye rolls at Matt Damon’s character being the only possible good president in the entire world; given that Trump would have won in 2020 if only 21,500 votes in key states has switched from voting D to voting R, I would make the case that Milk Toast Biden was the only possible person from the available Democratic candidate pool who could have beat him and hence Biden’s being at the right place at the right time (more than him being the right person) is the reason we are not in Trump’s second term right now. I think there were other people who could do the job better than Biden but as I don’t think they would have gotten the job, that really wouldn’t have mattered. Perhaps Matt Damon’s character was a similar nexus point.

    Rango. What is Johnny Depp’s best performance ?

    What was the least interesting Oscars of all time?

    Frank Buckles. Last US WWI vet die. To put this in perspective, the last American Iraq War vet is probably going to die sometime in the first quarter of the 22nd century.

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