Steven Seagal vs. DMX, Bradley Cooper is Limitless, and Paris is Burning

March 12-18: It’s a week loaded with pretty good but not great movies, as Gene Hackman is in the courtroom, Robert De Niro might name names, Jude Law is a Russian sniper, Ed Helms goes to Cedar Rapids, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are on a road trip with an alien, Matthew McConaughey gets behind the wheel, and Chris Isaak had a show with a mermaid? All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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6 thoughts on “Steven Seagal vs. DMX, Bradley Cooper is Limitless, and Paris is Burning

  1. My best Mar10 Day memory is my 7-year-old, Sean. He was born on Mar10 Day, otherwise known as his birthday, and dude is a huge Mario (and retro videogames) fan. His favorite game is Super Metroid; he’s played through all the 8- and 16-bit Mega Man games (along with X and Zero); he just finished Link’s Awakening; we play Arkanoid: D’oh It Again every weekend he is with me; and most of all, he loves Mario. So my sappy but legit answer to the QOTW is that watching him discover and play and love games that I played as a kid is the most rewarding thing to come out of Mar10 Day.

  2. What is the film from 1991 that is most surprising that it exists? That is the one that seems the weirdest and most unusual to 2021 audiences that someone would have made 30 years ago?

    What is the first non-kids movie that you choose to watch? I think mine was The Hard Way and I choose it because I was such a big Michael J. Fox fan.

    New Jack City. What do you think are the biggest differences between Gangster films and Gang films? How do they handle their subjects similarity and how do they handle them differently?

    Yearbook (TV Reality Show). I think it would be a pretty interesting show to track down the kid/teachers on the show and see how their lives have gone over the last 30 years. Also, the thing about making a reality show about a job is that at the end of the day it’s still a job.

    Studs. Oh man, I had forgotten that I watched this but I totally did. Like a lot. Solely because I was a horny 13 year old and found the PG level of titillation to be EXTREMELY titillating Honestly if I ever experienced the baseline level of hormones at 43 that my 13-year old self experienced every day I think I would consider myself no longer fully mentally competent and or high and or impaired.

    What is your favorite Aerosmith song?

    Anthology. Alien Ant Farm. Besides “Smooth Criminal” Which of these songs do you enjoy, if any?

    Sopranos Fortunate Son. It’s not that AJ isn’t into the same as Tony It’s that he’s not into anything. He doesn’t even take the lead in pretty much anything and doesn’t stick with anything. Not even crime! He dips his toes into crime and then just kind of walks away from it. Tony was always a go-getter and really worked hard to excel in his chosen interests (violence, crime, and adultery).

    The Emigrants. Dirt poor Swedes go to minnesota. 1971 Adding to the list of films I’ll watch when … fuck… when am I going to watch all these films I’m adding to the list?

    Virtually all the really famous silent films are on youtube but… their view counts are just tiny. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1921

    What is the BEST Disney bomb of all time? The movie that was a total bomb for the company but that is the most enjoyable to watch? Mars Needs Moms.

    Charlie Sheen’s Death on Two and a Half Men.

    Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Original version:

    What’s the meaning of this song? (Wrong answers only)
    Color me Badd. I Wanna Sex You Up.

  3. So according to wikipedia The Perfect Weapon is “the only well-known Hollywood depiction of Kenpo techniques on-screen” What is the most obscure martial arts depicted in a Hollywood film?

    If Looks Could Kill. The scene of The French Teacher being told she is “_THE_ French Teacher” and then going hard core has stuck with me for 30 years.–M?t=46
    Also, do any trailers have the protagonist just explain the plot of the movie anymore?

    Michael J Fox with musical guest Black Crowes. What is the most mismatched Host/Musical Guest combo in SNL history?

    Josephine Baker Story is not on HBO Max. Anyone know why HBO Max doesn’t have most HBO original movies from the 1990s?

    30 anniversary of Out of Time by REM I _think_ this is the first album I ever had. It was given to me as a gift from my cousin for my birthday.

    2001. I hope you dance. I’m not sure I have ever voluntarily chosen to listen to this song but I also think I’ve semi-enjoyed it every time it was played around me, and that is an awfully large number of times.

    Enemy at the Gates. What is your favorite film about the Eastern Front?
    I saw this with a marine friend in college and I remember talking with him about how 8 out of every 10 German soldiers who died in battle died fighting the Soviet Union, and he (who knew a decent amount about WWII) had no idea it was that much. I think the fundamental problem of setting a film on the Eastern Front is that even if the protagonist is incredibly successful at killing soldiers fighting for a totalitarian government at the end of the war he (or she as the Soviets had female combatants) is also fighting for a totalitarian government. A less genocidal totalitarian government but there is an old Russia joke about Stalin and Hitler having a bet on who could kill the most Russians and the punchline is that Stalin won. That makes any ending to a film with Soviet protagonist rather bittersweet at best.

    Exit Wounds Do you agree that this is Steven Seagal‘s last acceptable movie?

    Sopranos: Employee of the Month. If you want to hear Diana’s more in depth analysis of the episode you can find it here:

    Do you find Tony soprano attractive?
    (Please only respond if you are sexually attractive to men)

    Did you learn to spell Wednesday because it had NES in the middle?

    I agree completely that Paul just doesn’t measure up to any of the films in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, but I’m also having trouble explaining why. Anyone want to try and defend Paul or better explain why it doesn’t work?

    Limitless. What is the best analogy for drug use you have seen in film or TV?

    What sequel that you waited a long time for came out at a bad time for you to enjoy it?
    Total War Shogun 2. I played Shogun 1 when I first moved to Japan and hadn’t learned much Japanese so I had a TON of free time which allowed me to get super into that game; I read a fair amount of real life Shinjuku Jidai history while playing it as well as more than a few samurai films and I couldn’t wait for the sequel. I ended up waiting ten years and when Shogun 2 came out I had a 6 month old baby and I played it for exactly 0 hours that year. Or the year after that. Or the year after that. I think I first played it seven or eight years after it came out. At that point, it was fine.

    Kurt Russell. Who is your personal favorite actor who has never gotten an Academy award?

    Jenna’s Side:

    The Life, Death and Grave of John Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas

    Morton Downey Jr.Died. Morton Koopa Jr. is a zombie pop cultural reference. The vast bulk of kids who see that character must have absolutely no idea that it is referencing a real person who died before they were born. But I doubt Nintendo will change the name so it will just go on and on and on and on for probably decades more.

  4. I remember thinking Exit Wounds was… okay, but what really broke me was how they made it look like Seagal and DMX were somehow equals in terms of fighting ability. Even old ass, bloated Seagal would have thrown him through the window.

  5. I hadn’t the slightest interest in ‘Limitless’ until you guys recommended it.
    God damn that was way better than it had any right to be.
    Had it been optioned a few years later it could have have easily been an 8 episode 1st season of a Netflix series.

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