City by the Bay – Vidjagame Apocalypse 415

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to two-thirds of the VGA crew (along with a big chunk of the games industry), and it’s been re-created in a handful of games over the years – so now that our episode count matches our area code, let’s grab Tony Wilson of Framework and look at the five games we think did it best. Then we’ll shift to Nintendo Indie World announcements, The Last of Us remake drama, and how closely you like your game movies to stick to the script.

Question of the Week: Now that we’ve talked about our hometown for an hour, tell us about yours. What’s something unique or strange about your hometown that people should know about?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Fake Tales of San Francisco by Arctic Monkeys.


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12 thoughts on “City by the Bay – Vidjagame Apocalypse 415

  1. lmao, I see what you did there…415. Well played, well played.

    I hope we get the same for 510, 650, (aww we didn’t get it for 408). Also had no idea SF was represented so much in games…

    1. you think cabs / taxis in SF are crazy…the bus drivers are INSANE. I witnessed more than once a bus driver swerve around traffic into an opposite lane cause he was tired of waiting.

  2. QotW: Having moved around a bit when I was younger, I don’t really have a hometown, so here’s some stuff on where I spent the most time living, Astoria, Queens.
    Chosen for the setting of Robert DeNiro’s directorial debut “A Bronx Tale” due to how little the neighborhood changed over the decades, much of the filming was done within four blocks, one of which was the building that my family lived in for three generations. This caused some issues with filming, as my landlord (who was a bit of a drunk at the time allegedly) started yelling at them about how they were taking up so much space. My Nana, ever concerned, called the cops on them after seeing “them smack this poor boy over and over again” not realizing that a movie was being filmed, and ruining shots when she would open her blinds to see what was happening. But not all was bad, as apparently film star Chaz Palminteri thought I was a cute baby.
    If that sound more like movie trivia than something unique/strange, then you’re right! Unless you want to know where the best pizza is (Gaudio’s and Rizzo’s), then there’s not a lot else I can tell you about the place.

  3. QOTW: Growing up in Merrillville Indiana lead to me attending high school at a time when MTV filmed a wildly unpopular 2004 show “Prom Date” and thus finding out just how incredibly fake reality TV is. Half of the show was filmed at locations out of town, everything was edited to an absurd degree and even crowds were filmed over and over until the student body gave the producers the reaction they were looking for. Many of us would flip off the cameras so as not to appear in b-roll when we were just trying to walk to class. Turns out we didn’t need to because it was aired Tuesdays at 4 PM Eastern Time meaning that the target audience was apparently teens living on the west coast just getting home from school with nothing better to do than fantasize about living in Indiana. Literally the only place you can find evidence of it online is on some account that uploaded it to Veoh.

  4. QOTW: I’ve spent my whole live in the Twin Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, in Minnesota. One of our suburbs is the birthplace of the indoor shopping mall! That’s right, the first mall was Southdale Center in Edina (pronounced “ee-die-nah”), and it is still in operation today. As you may be aware, it gets darn cold in Minnesota in the winter, so in the 1950s someone came up with the brilliant idea to make a huge building that would contain independent stores with all of one’s shopping needs so you could spend less time outdoors during winter. Along similar lines, in downtown we have skyway systems that connect most buildings together so you don’t have to encounter the winter when grabbing lunch at work. Think “hamster tunnels.” And our state University has underground tunnels which connect most university buildings.

    I guess what I’m getting at is brutal winters mean we have found creative ways to never go outside.

  5. QOTW: I live in the Happiest City in the United States (seriously, look it up) known as Fremont, California, America’s Hollywood of the Silent Film era. In the district known as Niles, hundreds of silent film movies were created, most notably, a few Charlie Chaplin movies, including “The Tramp.” But since Chaplin didn’t much care for the rural setting of Fremont, the movie making magic soon died out. The movie magic did return though in glorious fashion in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”, with the Cyberdyne Headquarters being located in Fremont.

  6. Hometown of Belfast so a few things odd the top of my head

    -Its built on a swamp and slowly sinking

    -We built the Titanic and its sister ships. You can go on an automated ride of its construction in the museum there

    -The old shipyard is converted and is the largest indoor soundstage in Europe. If you want to hire it for shoots, you need to hire local talent for carpenty, sound, lighting, etc…

    -We had terrorists way before it was cool

  7. QotW: There are two interesting tidbits about the town and area I grew up in.

    1. The name of the Missouri town I grew up in, Auxvasse (pronunciation: remove “The Wizard” from The Wizard of Oz), is named after the nearby river which is in turn the French word for muddy bank/mudhole. Thus, whenever someone asks where I grew up I always reply “in a mudhole” and can be the smuggest kind of correct…technically correct.

    2. Auxvasse is located in Callaway County locally known as The Kingdom of Callaway. Story goes that back during the Civil War, the county would get besieged by both Union and Confederate soldiers. After some nearby skirmishes the people of Callaway County had had quite enough of war and so to ward off intruders they cut down trees, hollowed them out, and painted them black to resemble cannons. These “cannons” were then staged along nearby hills. Troops from either side, believing they were massively outgunned, would steer clear. And thus, for a short period of time, Callaway County managed to secede from both the Union and the Confederacy to become it’s own Kingdom of Callaway. We even still have a Kingdom City, MO.

    To be honest, I haven’t dug too deep into this legend as I’d rather believe it to be the true story over the more likely reality that a bunch of white, small town farmers likely tried to stake a small confederate kingdom in the middle of union controlled territory.

  8. I graduated High school in Lincoln, IL. It’s know for being the only town in America named for Abe Lincoln before he was president. The odd thing about this was he christened the town with a watermelon. As a result of all this Abe-ness the high school mascot is the Railsplitters.

  9. QOTW: I graduated High school in Lincoln, IL. It’s know for being the only town in America named for Abe Lincoln before he was president. The odd thing about this was he christened the town with a watermelon. As a result of all this Abe-ness the high school mascot is the Railsplitters.

  10. QOTW: I know I’m late, I know the episode came out, but fuck I wish I new the QOTW before hand. The house that I grew up in (and my parents still live in) is in the same neighborhood as Michelle Carter. Yes that Michelle Carter, and about 2 years later, only 2 or 3 houses down from Michelle’s house a 17 year old killed their mother and then went and saw the joker at our local showcase cinema. So ya that’s my hometown. Oh and the dude who created captain underpants grew up in my town, and now owns a book shop in the town called an unlikely story. Plainville MA is the town

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