The Hangover Again, Ron Howard Conjures Fire, and Memento Remembers Sammy Jenkis

One thought on “The Hangover Again, Ron Howard Conjures Fire, and Memento Remembers Sammy Jenkis

  1. Did you have imaginary friends growing up? Drop Dead Fred. I still think this is the perfect type of movie for a remake: I really wanted to like this when it first came because of that concept, but didn’t because it ruins it’s great concept that hasn’t been done to death with poor execution.

    Hudson Hawk. This came at a time when I was not just pop-culture conscious but actively reading magazines about upcoming movies and therefore it’s the first bomb I was ever aware of. But also, I remember really liking it! I was young, 13, and it had that fun Die Hard guy swinging through the air. I don’t think I followed the plot very well so I bet my 43 year old self wouldn’t like it but I kind of want to re-watch it for just that reason?

    My viewing time is highly limited but this week’s #302010 had so many great films that I’m going to try and claw out some time to watch at least one film I’ve already seen and one film I haven’t seen. Choose which film from this week’s #302010 I’ve never seen that I should watch for the first time!
    Thelma and Louis
    Pearl Harbor
    Too big to fail.

    Thelma and Louis. I thought there was some The Critic parody of Thelma and Louis but I couldn’t find it, just a bunch of The Simpsons references. How on Earth could my mind confuse the two after a mere thirty years?

    Backdraft. Are there any other rated R theme park rides?

    What’s the worst TV show you ever watched just because it was in a genre that you couldn’t get enough of? It might have been Out of this World for me.. I was so starved for sci-fi shows when I was young that I gobbled this up every chance I could get (along with Small Wonder) and that should be the only rebuttal needed for any claim that TV was better “back in the day.”
    Also, young me thought this theme song was ballin. I had no idea it wasn’t original to the show.

    I remember watching the Seinfeld Chinese Restaurant episode at the time and not thinking anything of it. It was funny and that was it. What EPIC MOMENT IN POP CULTURE HISTORY did you experience in real time and not think anything of?

    How old is music before you consider it old?

    AOL fee increase. My mom paid for AOL for like three years after she stopped using it and I’ve always wondered what % of their user base was “people too tech illiterate to quit.”

    Memento. I remember when I was in _preschool_ how I asked a teacher to read a book backwards and she humored me and read word for word backwards but what I was trying to ask her to do was to read the _plot_ backwards but I lacked the verbal skills to request that. And when Memento came out I remember thinking, “THAT’S what I wanted her to do!”

    Pearl Harbor.

    Third Rock series finale. How much Third Rock did you watch?

    Star Trek Voyager series finale. How much Voyager did you watch?

    Melancholia is one of those films where I was happy enough to watch a long form review of it but then felt no desire to actually watch the film itself. Does that ever happen to anyone else?

    Kung Fu Panda 2. It’s a solid watch. It’s a good film. I enjoyed watching it. I can remember nothing about it. Such is my experience of watching this, and many other kids films with my kids. They just don’t “stick” in my memory the way kids films did when I was actually a kid. This is due to not viewing them over and over again the way I did when I was a free-time-millionare but also just due to simple fact that memories are harder to make “stick” when you are middle age then when you are kid with a much more malleable mind.

    Hangover 2. What is the worst sequel to make more money than the original?

    End of Oprah. Did your mother watch Oprah?

    Dick in the box trilogy.

    Too Big to Fail. Never seen it but “The Big Short” with Brad Pitt is fantastic:

    Pumped Up kicks. What are other really sad songs that sound like happy fun times?

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