The Weed Number – Vidjagame Apocalypse 420

Well, here it is, episode 420 – but we already did games that let you smoke pot 311 episodes ago! So instead, let’s look at celebrities who’ve appeared in videogames and now have their own (legal!) cannabis brands, with help from PNB‘s TL Foster. Then it’s on to Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, eBay banning sales of AO-rated games, and the ways our listeners are related to fame.

Question of the Week: Following the announcement of Lies of P’s dark-looking take on Pinocchio, what other classic children’s character deserves a Soulsllike or “dark” version?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Snoop Dogg’s Smoke Out!! by MowtenDoo.


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10 thoughts on “The Weed Number – Vidjagame Apocalypse 420

  1. chris, Snoop has done DJ gigs, as DJ Snoopadelic…he’s as much ofa DJ as modern laptop DJs are with playlists, but nonetheless he’s done DJ gigs. Same with Talib Kweli (although Talib does some actual DJing with blends, etc.)

  2. QOTW: Struwwelpeter. Its not a single story, but a collection of German children’s stories that were written by a man who thought children’s literature was lacking. Its from the 1800s, so its stories can already be a little brutal, and include one of those “progressive-for-the-time-but-racially-insensitive-for-now” stories. Among his “merry stories and funny pictures” are cats crying a river around the ashes of a dead child (, a child having his thumbs cut off by a mad hatter (, and a wizard who punishes racist children by making them ultra-black (

  3. I saw the original animated Watership Down more times than is probably healthy for a growing young mind, and honestly it would make a fine template for a State of Decay take on the British countryside.

    You could start off with a small number of rabbits making a desperate attempt to outrun the human development about to destroy your original warren, setting up in a slightly less nightmarish area of Warership down, only to have the continued struggle of building up your own home in a world where literally anything and everything will kill you. Nd once those rabbits are gone, they’re gone. Dwindling numbers and territorial disputes with despotic competing warrens are only broken up by the slightly less gruelling tasks of running the day to day management of your population. Deciding which of your females will become birthing machines to repopulate all those who you have sent out to die, and which of your favourite characters will step up as part of the military caste which rigidly police the rest to maintain the hierarchical status quo in your fluffy version of pre-Thatcherite Britain.

    The book seemed a lot more like it was for kids.

  4. Just wanna say that TL’s approach to ME:LE (that’s a lot of acronym) is the exact opposite to mine. I think with the remaster, the first game is my favorite, at least from a gamepley standpoint. I’m playing through 2 right now and I’ve just played that game so many times that it is kind of a chore. But I want to go back and do a renegade playthrough of the first game asap (again with the acronyms).

    1. Also everyone shot Chris down for saying the Chronic was a Snoop Dogg thing because it was a Dre album. But, as the legend goes, Snoop Dogg coined the term “Chronic” when referring to weed. Someone passed him a blunt and told him it was “Hydroponic.” He was stoned and probably didn’t hear them properly so he said “Pass me that Chronic shit” and the rest is history.

  5. QOTW: Babar the elephant. There is definitely a whole story of Babar’s family being murdered by ivory traders that could spawn a revenge/dark series, and I would totally play it.

  6. I dunno, how about a Dumbo game where he’s avenging the murder of his mother on the circus and surrounding towns, ala Maneater. Instead of mutating, he can learn new skills such as projectiles and summoning aid from animal allies. You progress the story by wiping out towns along the railroad route the circus normally takes until culminating in a boss fight against P. T. Barnum or some shit.

    I realize Dumbo isn’t a fairy tale but since Disney made the defining versions of most of those stories, it led my train (pun intended) of thought in that direction. Plus, ever since that scene of the mom rocking him in her truck made young me break down into an inconsolable mess of tears, I’ve wanted him to get his revenge.

    Part 2 can be a Bambi-skinned Operation: Wolf of him just dumping clip after clip into row upon row of unsuspecting hunters.

    1. Oh hey, side note, my “celebrity encounter” was fucking up Chuck Woolery’s KFC order in Mojave, CA because I was too distracted trying to figure out if it was him or not, to the point where he gave me a weird look. In my defense, he was dressed more like a house painter on his lunch break than an 80’s dating show host, in faded/stained jeans and a t-shirt with the sleeves torn off. It wasn’t until we saw the car he left in, a silver Rolls Royce or Aston Martin (20 years ago) that we knew for sure. I have another couple stories, but that’s my favorite.

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