Billy Crystal is a City Slicker, Hugh Jackman gets Swordfished, and JJ Abrams Steals from Spielberg

June 4-10: Wesley Snipes has jungle fever, Christina Applegate’s babysitter croaks, Twin Peaks ends as it began – creepy, a sexy roadtrip through Mexico, Halle Berry gets top dollar to go topless, David Duchovny fights aliens (but not in the cool way), and Owen Wilson visits Paris. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Billy Crystal is a City Slicker, Hugh Jackman gets Swordfished, and JJ Abrams Steals from Spielberg

  1. The only thing I remember about Evolution was the Fox Kids cartoon, which for some reason they named Alienators: Evolution Continues. I don’t remember much about it outside of finding the name thing strange at the time.

  2. Besides Home Alone and Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is dead what are some other films in which children gain agency?

    Jungle Fever. What other films explore the fetishistic aspect that can be present in some interracial relationships?
    City Slicker. What are some of your favorite films or to shows that tackle the crushing fear of aging?
    When did you recognize Yeardley Smith is something non-Simpsons? For me it was Herman’s Head.
    Extreme – More Than Words. I did not realize this song was about pressuring a woman into sex until this moment. Are there other songs about pressuring someone into sex?

    What film were you most excited for but that you never bothered watching (ever) due to poor reviews? For me I think it was Evolution. I remember being super excited for this but then managed to see the reviews and I had zero interest in watching it ever since.

    What time in your life did you have the best movie-going group? Because I have been dreading the arrival of Swordfish on #thirtytwentyten for about a year now because this marks the end of the films that I watched with my college buddies. When the show first started the second segment brought up high school memories but as the show progressed I moved into memories of college and time after time I was reminded of pleasant memories of going to the theater with my best buds. But this was the last film we watched together. It was released after I had graduated but when a few of us were still living on campus but after this people started moving away and soon I moved to Japan and lost touch with most of them and honestly I’ve never had as good a movie-going group since. Oh, I’ve had plenty of individual friends who I like going to films with but the sheer ease in which it was possible to get a large group of friends together to go watch a film? Nope. I’ve never had anything before or since that was even close to having such a large group of people who were up to going to watch movies of different types and genres as in college. And now it’s gone from even remembering via 302010. Such is the nature of time.

    Midnight in Paris. What is your favorite magical realism film?

    Super 8. What film do you think was the biggest victim of its own hype?

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