Raccoon Heroes – Vidjagame Apocalypse 423

We’ve always been great fans of trash pandas at VGA, so when this week’s release of Backbone cast one as a down-on-his-luck detective, we indulged our love of raccoons with a Top 5 about games that let you play as them. Then it’s on to Chivalry II, the resurfacing of Playdate, Yuji Naka leaving Square Enix, and the most valuable games in your personal collections.

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite (or least favorite) memory related to transferring, rediscovering, losing, or otherwise interacting with game saves?


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6 thoughts on “Raccoon Heroes – Vidjagame Apocalypse 423

  1. QotW: I got Pokémon Blue on day 1 and brought over a couple of friends to play it the following weekend. My friend Kevin wanted to try it out so he started a new game on that cartridge. He decided to save the game after picking a starter…so I lost all my progress up to Cerulean City. Neither of us knew there was only one save file. I was so pissed that weekend.

  2. QOTW: Chris has made fun of a previous answer I gave about this game (including it in the SNES Classic Edition) so I look forward to his snark about this one 🙂 , but Jurassic Park for SNES and its lack of a save or password feature was the worst for ten year old me. I borrowed it from a friend a few years after it was released and was determined to finally beat the game after many aborted attempts at my friends house. I started playing on a Sunday and was closer to beating it than I ever had been before when my mom told me it was time to go to bed since I had school the next morning. Knowing that there was no save feature, I opted to just pause the game and turn off the TV, leaving my SNES on till I could return to it after school the next day. Sure enough, my mom noticed the SNES was on while I was at school and turned it off. I haven’t had the motivation to go back and beat the game since then. Thanks a lot Ocean/Mom!

  3. QOTW: There’s the time my younger brother erased my 80+ hour Diablo II save because he couldn’t read, or the time my older brother erased my 60+ hour FFVII save after breaking his hand punching me in the face because I used his Playstation without asking, but I think the worst was Pokemon Red. My older brother would let me play the game, but I wasn’t allowed to save, since there was only the one slot. As a result I could only play the first few hours over and over and over again, usually only having time to finish the second gym. To this day my relationship with Pokemon is complicated.

  4. QOTW: I remember when I read about the Game Genie in a non-Nintendo Power gaming magazine and was blown away by the concept but then greatly saddened to learn that it was only available in Canada because THE MAN was keeping us down here in the states. But I got a surprise trip to the Edmonton Mall in Canada and in the mile long walk from one end to the other I came across a video game store, rushed inside and saw the prize; a real actual Game Genie. I bought it, brought it home and in the pre-internet world had kid after kid call me a liar to my face when I told them that I had some mystical magical prize that could warp the reality of nintendo games only to blow their minds when I showed that it actually truly existed. But because it was from Canada I couldn’t get any codes for games other than those that were included in the manual. So when new games came out I, who was a free-time-billionaire, just guessed code after code to see if a bunch of random numbers and letters would do anything. On a ski trip some friends had the new Final Fantasy game and I pushed and pressured them to try the game genie on it, We entered in a bunch of random codes that did nothing and then somehow one of the codes deleted their saved games. All of them. I’m not sure they ever forgave me for that.

  5. QOTW: The LittleBigPlanet launch day for PS3. A day that will live in infamy. Hugely anticipated game, couldn’t wait to get it home, and then within minutes of playing through the tutorial my PS3 decided that the disc lens couldn’t go on living. Called up Sony’s support line, they told me they’d have to pick up my console and repair it but advised that I should back up my save data onto an external hard drive, just in case they might need to do a hard reset. I went out and bought one, asked the dude in the shop if it would work with PS3 – “sure, you just need to format it properly.” And that’s when my troubles began.

    I hooked up the external drive to my PS3, went to the settings and hit “format hard disk.” Only I hadn’t realised I was formatting the PS3’s internal hard drive rather than the external one. I lost EVERYTHING. Around 70 hours of Fallout 3, the majority of Far Cry 2, loads of other completed and mostly-completed games as well. I broke down in tears. Of course, my folks didn’t understand but to me it felt like the end of the world. To this day I’ve resented LittleBigPlanet every since by association even though it was totally my own fault.

  6. QOTW: Remember back when PS1 games would warn you about potentially overwriting memory cards? Well I sure will until I go senile thanks to the piece of shit 3d brawler Fighting Force. My memory card apparently didn’t have enough room for a save so the game deleted everything else. My 99 hour FF7 save where I had beaten Emerald Weapon? Gone. The Monster Rancher save with rare unlocks I had to get by going to the local library and checking out specific CDs? Vanished. All my Tony Hawk and WWF Smackdown saves disappeared because I rented a game nobody even remembers.

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