House Party’s Pajama Jam, Donnie Darko is Ignored, and Grand Theft Auto Steals Everything

Oct. 22-28: We get trapped in the BioSphere, Curly Sue cons our hearts, Atlanta can’t stop the chop, the iPod briefly saves music, Shrek gets good again, Kevin Spacey’s an alien, 13 Ghosts get loose, Justin Timberlake’s out of time, Snoop Dogg gets spooky, Johnny Depp does Hunter Thompson again. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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One thought on “House Party’s Pajama Jam, Donnie Darko is Ignored, and Grand Theft Auto Steals Everything

  1. Holy Crap, is this website haunted now?
    Anyways. I don’t like the Man-splaining that pretends to own Donnie Darko. I know it from my peers (not myself) that got 800 on their Math SATS (when it was 800+800 for a perfect score and few got a perfect math SAT. But the movie is actually somewhat grounded in theory. The tubes Donnie sees are wormholes as his pocket universe is ending. Which makes Halloween a great theme for the movie, there’s a freak accident which creates a pocket universe bubble, which touches the source in (movie) weird ways. There’s probably not a cogent voice between worlds, but it works in the cinematic vision.
    TL:DR: It’s weird because a pocket universe was created and touched our universe at a certain event but a pocket universe cannot exist for very long (a month is just arbitrary)

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