Bobby Hill Claims his Purse, Jack Black Struggles with Weight, and Adam Sandler Does Drag

Nov. 5-11: Magic Johnson makes history, a crazy WWII story, Ethan Hawke is caught on tape, Kevin Kline builds a house, Gene Hackman’s stealing stuff, Leslie Nielsen is Santa, The Tick goes live action, Jack Bauer amps up the tension, Leonardo DiCaprio wears too much makeup, Jesus loves marijuana, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer sings once more with feeling. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Bobby Hill Claims his Purse, Jack Black Struggles with Weight, and Adam Sandler Does Drag

  1. 30 years ago this weekend was my first unsupervised date. We had to see “All I Want For Christmas” because we looked young for 13 and weren’t allowed into any of the other movies without an adult. Both of our parents had recently divorced, so the subject matter was uncomfortable, but I didn’t remember much of it until I rewatched it about 10 years ago and realized how lousy that movie is.
    We watched the Magic Johnson press conference in health (sex ed) class that week, and our teacher was so excited that our school had gotten TV’s in time to see this event that was such a striking real world example of the topic we were learning about.

  2. Europa Europa. Is a fantastic true story that I highly recommend but this guy also really deserves to have his own movie;

    All I want for Christmas. What film where the central theme is that little children should scheme to get their divorce parents back together do you hate the most?

    I Posed for Playboy. Do you think that having an only fans account today is more acceptable than posing in Playboy in the past?

    Out of this world. What was the first polygonal game you ever played?

    Tape. Have you ever enjoyed a movie that takes place over real time? That is one minute of screen time equals one minute of time for the characters involved with no cuts?

    Life as a house. As mentioned I would highly recommend Kurosawa‘s Ikiru as a fantastic Momento Mori film. A film that is that is designed to remind you that you are going to die and you must use your life time as preciously as you can. Are there any other films like that you would recommend?

    I stated that Shallow Hal is the worst thing the Farley brothers, Gwyneth Paltrow; Jack Black and Jason Alexander have all been involved with. Can anyone think of any thing some of those people have been involved with it or worse than Shallow Hal?

    20 years ago the Simpsons Halloween special had a parody of a book which had yet to have any movie or TV show based upon it. What is the most popular book today that does not have any media adaptations of it?

    What is your favorite musical TV episode of all time?

    24 . What TV show do you think is most improved by being able to binge watch it instead of having to wait a week by week?

    What was your favorite version of The Tick?

    There’s no character whose fictional life stages so closely matched my own stages as Jim from the Office. When the show started we were in the exact same phase of life, single with a fairly easy job and not many responsibilities, and as time progressed I got married, had increasing job responsibilities, bought a house, and had kids almost around the same time that Jim did those same things on the show. Like the biggest difference with those events was somewhere around 11 months or so. It was kind of eerie. Which fictional character has progressed through phases of life as close to possible as your own?

    Are you at all interested in the Skyrim anniversary edition?

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