It’s Evil’s Turn – VGA 446

With this week’s release of the Vaas: Insanity DLC for Far Cry 6, we welcome first-time guest Doug Trein of Basileus Games for a look at five other sequels and expansions that let us embody one of a game’s villains, even if just for a little while. Then we’ll move on to Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, Halo: Infinite multiplayer, the last batch of backwards-compatible Xbox games, and your favorite videogame liars.

Question of the Week: Which videogame villain would you most like to play as?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is I’m the Bad Guy from Wander Over Yonder, by Andy Bean.


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5 thoughts on “It’s Evil’s Turn – VGA 446

  1. QOTW: I’d like to see a Legend of Zelda game where you play as Shadow Link sent to complete Hitman-esque challenges and feats to build up the inverted Triforce of Domination, Desperation and Deceit. Everything in the game would fit thematically into those categories. The disembodied voice of Ganon or perhaps a spritely imp named Ivan would guide you like the devil on your shoulder telling you to do wrong. There would be a lot of going from town to town creating mischief and wreaking havoc on people’s lives. Get rewarded for smashing all the pots in somebody’s store. Help evil sorcerers and weird cults summon reoccurring bosses like Gohma. I could picture sneaking into Hyrule Castle disguised as a guard only to have to fight Sheik when you get to Princess Zelda’s living quarters. Obtaining the Triforce of Desperation could give you buffs and health if you get into fights when your health meter is low and making that annoying beeping sound. There’s a lot of fertile ground to play with the tropes we expect from Zelda games.

  2. QOTW: It’s been briefly done, notably in Terminator: Resistance as a miniature add-on campaign, but I can only imagine how fun a full fledged game in which you play as a T-800 that gets sent back in time would be. I would love a game where I’m dropped into the middle of modern day Los Angeles and given a list of resistance targets that I must find and eliminate, while also fighting off resistance fighters sent back in time to stop me.

  3. EDIT: I did not see Tom’s response until I posted mine, but obviously this just proves this idea has legs!

  4. QotW: First a Spoiler warning for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order….. Okay the game ends with you doing everything in your power to get the farthest away from DARTH VADER as possible, and I think this is the only video game that ever captured the “oh fuck oh shit its Vader” feeling that everyone in that galaxy should have. Please give me some DLC if Fallen Order 2 ever comes around to play as that incarnation of Vader. Also special shoutout to Star Wars: Bounty Hunter which way back in the day allowed you to play as Jango Fett just doing normal bounty hunter things, and I do not know why they couldn’t bring something similar back for Boba (yes, they are both bad guys).

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