Live-Action Anime Adaptations – Laser Time #432


With Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop out in the wild, we’re rounding up the handful of previous anime adaptations to see how they stack up. (The WESTERN adaptations. If we tried to talk about live-action anime films made in Japan we’d be here forever.) Spoiler: The results are not great…



3 thoughts on “Live-Action Anime Adaptations – Laser Time #432

  1. One of the easiest ways to make a live action adaptation is to choose a series that can be called “average people do a real world activity.” The classical music series Nodame Cantabile got two live action TV series. The tennis series Ace o Nerae got a live action program. So did the boxing series Ashita no Joe. So did Chihayafuru, which is about playing a centuries-old card game.

    If the source material makes it easy to cast actors of varied ages, I think that’s a plus. The live action version of Kaiji benefited from not having to age up the characters. Same with City Hunter, even if its cartoonish humor doesn’t always work with actors. I don’t know how the R-rated humor of Detroit Metal City was adapted, but the writers didn’t have to age up its characters… and they got Gene Simmons in a cameo role.

  2. Chris, “Weathering with You” another 2D animated movie from the “Your Name” people has a 4K blu ray in its collector’s edition. Warner Brothers also has some of their direct-to-video animated DC movies in 4K (Batman: Assault on Arkham, Injustice, Justice League: the Darkseid War, etc)

  3. One that you missed was G-Saviour. It is a Canadian movie adaptation of Gundam. It is pretty terrible, but it seems that the west want to do a second shot at it. Legendary is making a live action Gundam movie with the director that made Kong: Skull Island.

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