Star Trek’s Original Cast Says Goodbye, Fry is His Own Grandpa, and Clooney Goes Hawaiian

Dec. 3-9: Ocean’s Eleven plans the ultimate heist, Community roasts Glee for the holidays, Jonah Hill babysits, everyone and their drunk uncle stars in New Year’s Eve, Tom Berenger stars in an Avatar prequel, and these pretzels are making me thirsty. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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One thought on “Star Trek’s Original Cast Says Goodbye, Fry is His Own Grandpa, and Clooney Goes Hawaiian

  1. How old were you when you stopped watching Saturday Morning Cartoons?
    NBC canceling Saturday morning cartoons. I remember this being announced and being sad that piece of my childhood was ending. I was old man of 13 years at the time and I had already stopped watching Saturday Morning cartoons but I still wanted it to go one without me. It’s funny in my mind SMC was this eternal thing but the period were it lasted was rather short.

    Star Trek Vi was my favorite trek movie of all time. What’s yours?

    What are some other films where the thrust of the film is long term enemies making peace?

    Shakespeare in the original Klingon.

    “These pretzels are making me thirsty.” My head cannon is that it’s actually niche slang in an obscure area of NYC that later spreads nation wide and they all have a pretzel kink and are getting horny.

    What are some cheesy lines that just work? Mc Hammer on SNL. “Please hammer don’t hurt him. “ it’s an incredibly cheesy line but it lands.

    What thing that you were a fan of was it hardest to be a fan of that thing? Monkey Island II is when I got super into Adventure Games and LucasArts games in particular. But do you remember how hard it was to be a fan of a obscure thing in 1991? (And in 1991 Monkey Island was obscure.). No fiends I knew played it, it was mentioned in a few magazines and …. That’s it. There was no internet for me to connect with others who liked it so even though I played it many times that was always the extent of my experience for it. I couldn’t expand my fandom in any way. And then in 1996 I got on the internet for the first time and one of the first things I did was look up Monkey Island fan sites and web rings. But that was 5 years later and for five years I really had no way to connect to the game other than the LucasArts Adventurer magazine.

    How long did it take you to get used to 16-bit graphics as the norm? Super Castlevania IV. This is the Castlevania game that really blew me away graphics wise. I know that seems quaint 30 years later but in 1991 I was still very very much used to NES graphics being cutting edge. Even today if I’m going to replay in Castlevania game it’s probably gonna be this one.

    Black Or White. At what point did you get tired of morphing? It was still blowing me away right up until it was used in an (insurance?) commercial.

    Oceans 11. I saw the first one and liked it but for some reason I have never felt the need to watch any of the other ones. What film have you enjoyed and yet never felt a need to watch its sequels?

    Jack and the Bean stock the real story. Free on Prime.

    Besides “Roswell that ends well” what is some other media where a person is their own grandfather/father/etc?

    What version of smash have you played the most of? Super Smash Melee. My fondest Smash memories are of 64 because that’s what I played with my college friends and my memories of the game are inseparable from feelings of comradeship. But Melee is what I played the most pure hours of. Unlocking trophy after trophy in it was the first big “unlocking binge” I ever did in any video game. Plus I just pure loved the platforming stages and deeply wish they would bring them back.

    On Golden Pond. What are some other films with actors in the twighlight of their years really playing up to their old age?

    What are some good films set in the Soviet Union? Reds.

    The Defendants. What is a sad film that takes place in a beautiful setting?

    What are some of your top Community moments of all time? Community Regional Music Annie’s Santa baby is makes my top three community moments of all time, easily.

    Is there a name for videos you see while in line for rides at theme parks?

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