Fake-Out Endings – Vidjagame Apocalypse 448

When is the end not the end? When a hinky-looking credits sequence is interrupted to let you know the game’s not over yet. This week, PNB‘s TL Foster rejoins us to talk about five times games faked us out with false endings, after which we’ll (finally!) talk about Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, get excited for an anti-scalper-bot bill, and hear who you’d want to purchase Sega (were it ever for sale).

Question of the Week: Do we still need Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus, or should they be phased out in favor of Game Pass and/or PS Now?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Got to Move! (Millennium Girl) by MilkCan.


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6 thoughts on “Fake-Out Endings – Vidjagame Apocalypse 448

  1. PS Plus is like Jazz. It’s about the games you don’t play. Before I had PS Plus, I compulsively scoured for sales to pay $9.99 each for dozens of games that were on my radar. Now, instead of spending money on old games that I wouldn’t end up playing, I can just hope that those games will end up on PS Plus. One time I even played a game I got from PS Plus. It wasn’t very good.

  2. Game Pass or PS Now. I love my Xbox, but right now Games w/ Gold appears to be preying on peoples confusion like AOL circa 2000 did w/ people who didn’t know what Internet Explorer was. As of Spring this past year, most games w/ online multiplayer no longer require the subscription. I can confirm this w/ Apex Legends for example. Aside from things like Tetris 99, Mario 35, and the old Nintendo libraries, this seems to be the case w/ the Switch too. It’s archaic to charge an additional fee to access a feature someone’s already paying an ISP for.

  3. Maybe it doesn’t quite qualify, but I thought Nier Automata’s ending E fakeout was really well done.

    QOTW: I am largely a playstation player, but GamePass seems like such a good deal for everyone. It astonishes me that Sony hasn’t increased their investment and marketing for PS Now as a response. I’ve gotten a lot of excellent games from PS+, but lately it feels like it’s been a coin flip for what the quality of the games will be that month. I don’t even know why Microsoft keeps Games with Gold going. I would rather Sony increase their PS Now library, and both companies phase out PS+/GWG, or otherwise merge them with the subscription services in some way.

  4. QotW: I pay for standard Xbox Live and have no interest in Game Pass, a Playstation equivalent, or Nintendo’s premium junk. I’ll pay the minimum to play online, anything else is a bonus. With these services the games can come and go with no permanence, and I refuse to give in to digital distribution as much as I can. You guys rave about Game Pass but crap like that is why games disappear. It’s a miracle Scott Pilgrim came back and thank goodness it got a physical release this time. Shit, it’s a miracle nowadays when a game is shipped in a finished state.

    People are too quick to sacrifice their freedom of ownership for the convenience of not getting off their asses and swapping discs. We’re headed for a gaming dystopia where we can’t play whatever we want. Where we play what we’re told we can play from the options given to us. Where games we love can disappear forever without warning. Where we’re locked to a single distribution source and can’t shop around for deals or buy used, trade or borrow with friends, or even re-download what we’ve purchased.

    I know it’s inevitable, but I’ll be getting dragged into kicking and screaming.

  5. You don’t need any of those things.

    A beautiful sunset is my games with gold
    The friendly nod of a neighbour on an autumn stroll is my PS plus

    Im choosing life, dorks

  6. PS plus should rip off what gamepass does and add somehing that could set it apart, movies. Why not 1 or 2 movies you can stream /rent for free with your subscription? Microsoft will sometimes offer free seasons of shows for anime month or a free rental of elf for Christmas. Sony going all in and doing this every month would be pretty great, they don’t even have to be new movies.

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