Kevin Costner’s Through the Looking Glass, David Fincher Gets a Dragon Tattoo, and Peter Jackson’s First Epic Trilogy

Dec. 17-23: Gandalf won’t let you pass, Steve Martin hates weddings, we start having to take our shoes off in the airport, Tim Allen is Joe Somebody, Warren Beatty goes to Vegas, Method Man and Redman get higher education, Jimmy Neutron launches, Michelle Williams is Marilyn Monroe, and Daniel Craig fights Tintin and a Swedish murder mystery. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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One thought on “Kevin Costner’s Through the Looking Glass, David Fincher Gets a Dragon Tattoo, and Peter Jackson’s First Epic Trilogy

  1. Is there any specific media for you that is a clear-cut dividing line for its genre?
    Re: Bugsy. I can’t help dividing every single mobster movies I see into the pre-Sopranos mobster movies vs the post Sopranos mobster movies.
    Bugsy is this completely romantic view of the mob that I can’t help rolling my eyes at and that I don’t think would ever be made in a post sopranos world.

    Father of the bride. Hot dog rant.

    JFK. Humans are pattern-seeking animals and we are adept at finding patterns whether they exist or not. The caveman who sees a pattern in the grass and runs away and doesn’t get eaten by a lion passed on his genes where as the caveman who didn’t did not pass on his genes. And the cost for seeing a pattern where there -wasn’t- one in the grass was very low so more and more cavemen saw more and more patterns over time even when there wasn’t one. And that’s what all these insane conspiracy theories boil down to. My go to test is that if there are more than 100 people involved and any one of them could sign $1 million book or TV deal for spilling the beans then it could never be kept secret. And in light of the current climate I just can’t watch film or other media that promotes that a conspiracy theory mindsets is a good thing without it deeply annoying me. It’s actively harmful. Similar in some regards to the genre of films where little kids get their divorce parents back together. It’s a dumb message that should not be spread.

    What is the most “what the heck is this thing?” movie to ever be shown on MST3k? .
    “Well you’ve never disappoint of the kids yet.”
    “Except for the poor ones.”

    Green Day. Welcome to paradise.

    Every time someone slams Nickleback I think of this.

    Jim Carry the majestic. What is the best Capricorn (Frank Capra-like) film not made by Frank Capra?

    Have you read the Lord of the Rings books?

    What film has most made you want to visit the place it was filmed at?
    No film had caused me to feel “I want to go to there” as much a as LOTR did to New Zealand and … I had already been to NZ in early 2001! And while there they kept mentioning how LOTR had just finished filming and I could NOT understand why they kept mentioning some movie being filmed there. But when I saw the film I “got it” and was kicking myself that I did not appreciate it more and instantly wanted to go back. And it took until 2019 but it was one of the best vacations of my life. The Hobbit movies sucked but they gave us Hobbiton as a place you can walk around in so at least some good came of it.

    Re: the Hobbit trilogy. See a fan edit that makes it a single film. That honestly is far far far better than the hobbit trilogy and a throughly enjoyable watch to compliment a LOTR marathon.

    What special feature is most burned into your brain?
    No movie’s DVD special features have ever meant as much to me as the Lord of the Rings special features did. The environment in which I had it was super unique in that I was living at Japan and didn’t have access to a lot of English language films but I had that deluxe DVD for Fellowship of the Ring. And after I watched the film’s extended version again and again I went through all the making of features again and again and again to such a degree that the commentary tract by the actors, the writers, the producers, and the set designers was a format I blatantly ripped off for my own film almost solely because I loved it so much and I learned so much from listening to all of them.
    It’s also close to the last time “How did they do that?” Was super interesting because the answer was not 100% of the time “ via green screen and a CGI.” I honestly don’t see how “the making of” of any modern special effects movie would be that interesting anymore.

    Again because I was living in Japan separated from American media, I deliberately downloaded the trailer for lord of the rings and watched it again and again and again before the film came out. I don’t think I’ve ever examined any trailer as much as I did this one; (I don’t think I was tech savvy enough to download the Phantom Menace trailer at the time; otherwise I would probably have watched that one many many times).

    Am I right in that so far no footage of Stewart Townsend as Aragon has surfaced?

    Universal Studios Adventures. Has there ever been a good video game SET in a real theme park? (So no park builder games).

    What is the biggest gap you have personably had in between playing games in a series?
    Final Fanatsy X. Oddly enough I played and loved 1 and then did not play a single FF game until X when I bought it in Japan because it was one of the very very rare (only?) Japanese PS2 games I could find that had an English language option. I was blown away with the graphics but the gameplay was just a “B” for me so stopped about halfway through. But a 9 game gap in between playing parts of a series? I doubt I’ll ever even come close to matching that again.

    What is your favorite Enya song?

    Dirty Harry, and the films it inspired, really have to be seen in context that between 1963 and 1971 (a mere 8 years so as far away from us as 2013) crime increased around 250%. And it kept rising for a generation after that. This scared the crap out of people, understandable so.

    This is the first time I’ve heard of Red Solo Cup but it’s a solid funny silky song.

    My week with Marilyn. What is a good film that made you really understand and actor?

    The Adventours of TinTin. Despite being a huge huge huge comic fan in my youth I had almost no exposure to European comics. I wonder if in this digital age the separation is still as large? › …The 10 Best European Comics!

    Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. My wife read the book and then we saw the Swedish original version and then we saw the American version and both of us just did not see the point of the American version other than people not wanting to read subtitles.

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