Our Top 10 Games of 2021 (Part 1) – Vidjagame Apocalypse 451


It’s time once again to look back on another great year for games and pick our favorites, and this year we’re breaking from tradition: Instead of one gargantuan show to mark the end of the year, we’re splitting our top 10 across a more digestible two episodes, with this week’s show covering entries 10 through 6. But don’t fret – we’re still going big on these, with a rotating lineup of guest hosts including Anthony Abatte, Brendan Hesse, Steve Guntli and Woody Ciskowski of Wii Universe, John Brandon of Square Roots, Jorge Albor of Experience Points, and Tony Wilson of Framework. And be sure to come back next week, when we’ll tear through 5 through 1!

Here’s a quick cheat sheet with timestamps, if you want to jump around and hear which games made the list:

0:08:15: #10 (with Anthony Abatte)
0:27:42: #9 (with John Brandon)
0:46:05: #8 (with Brendan Hesse, Steve Guntli, and Woody Ciskowski
1:07:53: #7 (with Jorge Albor and Tony Wilson)
1:21:24: #6 (with Jorge Albor and Tony Wilson)

Question of the Week: What’s your personal Game of the Year for 2021?


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2 thoughts on “Our Top 10 Games of 2021 (Part 1) – Vidjagame Apocalypse 451

  1. QOTW: My favorite game of 2021 was Guilty Gear Strive. I’ve wanted to try learning a fighting game for a long time, but crummy netcode, difficult gameplay, or uninteresting theming always put me off. Strive hit on a great combination of small movesets with deep mechanics and fun character design, together with excellent netcode. It made for a great fighting game experience that I put a bunch of time into over the summer playing online.

  2. QOTW: I would Like to name it the year of the simulator. Be it Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, Power washer Simulator, Gas Station Simulator, Barn Find simulator, or Farm Simulator 22. As a mid 40s lifelong gamer, I don’t play multiplayer outside of a few friends and have a hard time seeing anything new I have not seen before. Games like psychonauts 2, far cry 6, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ratchet and clank grab my attention, but towards the end, I feel i am just playing to end them. This year has seemed to explode with the simulator genera more than ever. They seem lame at first, but they are play at your leisure, low consequences, no pressure to finish, and have no consequences in using cheat engine or trainers. They are just dumb fun.

    Close second would be “Returnal” Truly unique. Once again as an aging mid 40s gamer, My death count to unlock the true ending was 118 deaths. I either just suck at the game, or I didn’t buy the DLC to start with the Pylon Weapon, but I did not regret one death and loved every moment of it.

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