2022’s Most Anticipated Games – Vidjagame Apocalypse 453


Another new year begins, as we shake off the holiday cobwebs and get back up to speed with a look ahead at five games we’re especially excited to get our hands on in the next 12 months. Will all of them see the light of day? Finding out is part of the fun! With that done, we’ll pay tribute to departed icon John Madden, speculate about PSVR2, and hear which 2021 games were your personal GOTYs.

Question of the Week: What 2022 game are you most looking forward to?


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4 thoughts on “2022’s Most Anticipated Games – Vidjagame Apocalypse 453

  1. QotW: Advance Wars reboot camp, Bayonetta 3, and Prime 4 (cross fingers on those last 2, but especially for Prime 4 since the rumors are there’s actually a prime 1 remake coming out this year…)

  2. QotW: Since I am leery about things supposedly out later in the year, I’ll say something coming soon. Pokemon Legends Arceus. Hopefully the shift in gameplay style will help me get over the disappointment in Brilliant Diamond

  3. QOTW: My most anticipated game of the year is The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. It is being made by Gun Media who made the amazing Friday the 13th: The Game back in 2017. They have the co-writer of the original film Kim Henkel helping with the project including giving them ideas for new family members that didn’t make it into the movie, but will now be playable characters in the game. Imagine F13, but with multiple killers. Right now, it is focused on the original film (it’s actually a prequel to the film), but they are open to expanding if it is successful.

  4. QotW: I will say Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League looks like a good time and I am super pumped for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, but I am most looking forward to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands especially because I loved the Tiny Tina expansion and I think a fleshed out game would really be great. Not to mention that Andy Samberg is in it which only makes me want to buy it more.

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