Adventure Trauma – Vidjagame Apocalypse 475

If they were to happen in real life, the events of a lot of videogames could leave a person seriously messed up – and yet, videogame protagonists always seem to effortlessly bounce back in time for a new adventure. Every so often, though, the events of one game will leave a hero at their breaking point in the next, and this week we invite Tony Wilson of Framework for a chat about five standout examples of heroes who had a hard time coping with the things they’d seen and done. Then we’ll get into The Quarry, Sony’s State of Play, and the movie characters you think more games should shamelessly rip off.

Question of the Week: Which of the State of Play or Summer Games Fest reveals were you most excited about and why?


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3 thoughts on “Adventure Trauma – Vidjagame Apocalypse 475

  1. QotW: I’m excited for the game that looks like the design doc just said “what if Aliens or maybe Event Horizon?” A close second is the bright and colorful game that looks like they fucked up exporting the normal smoothing groups on all the models. It looks like that game comes from the alternate timeline where the only thing done to improve graphics was adding more polygons to Sega Saturn games.

    No further details that can be used to narrow down which games I’m talking about will be provided.

  2. QotW: the Plucky Squire. I know that that’s from the Devolver event but that is technically part of SGF too. It looks like fun upgrade to a lot of A Link Between Worlds ideas and could always use a new Zelda like adventure.

  3. TMNT: Shredders revenge, because it’s the game I’ve wanted for years and it’s out in a FUCKING WEEK!

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