Funny Barbers, a Hacker Heist, and the Beginning of the End of Resident Evil


Sept. 9-15: Hellraiser returns, homeless teens, yacht racing, Jason Lee’s paying for college, Robin Williams is creepy af, Nicolas Cage’s Taken, Richard Gere’s pyramid scheme, J.Law gets stalked, lots of short-lived cartoons about cows and cats and knights and barbarians, and the debut of a really clownish character. All that and more, this week on Thirty Twenty Ten.


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One thought on “Funny Barbers, a Hacker Heist, and the Beginning of the End of Resident Evil

  1. As a computer scientist, I’ve always insisted that Sneakers is the most accurate movie about computers ever made, because the macguffin could actually exist.

    What keeps all our private information secure is the same today as it was then: it’s really easy to multiply two numbers together, but given that product, it’s really hard to figure out which two numbers you started with. (For context, the numbers we tend to use today would have over 1000 digits if you wrote them down.)

    If a machine was invented to factor those 1000-digit numbers quickly, every social network, bank and government website _everywhere_ would instantly become insecure. In Sneakers, the macguffin is exactly that machine. They used a tiny bit of movie magic in how they showed the text screens getting decoded (it’d involve somewhat more work than that), but it’s entirely plausible.

    By the way, when quantum computers get big enough, they’ll be able to do what the macguffin in this movie does, too.

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