Captain American and The Avengers – Arcade Longplay

Gearing up for the release for Captain America: Civil War, we’re playing Data East’s classic arcade beat ’em up from 1991, back when Captain America got top billing over every Avenger. Check out what was, and mostly likely will always be, Captain… Read more

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Battleborn – Let’s Do This

Dave’s played a ton of Battleborn so let’s see if he can quickly walk Chris through the baby basics and into combat super stardom in the latest from Gearbox and 2K!

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Laser Time – Media Formats That Failed

For every Blu-ray and MP3 that graces the eyes and ears of consumers, there are failed formats that didn’t catch on. Listen to the sad tales of 8-tracks, UMDs, and even earlier formats from the media fiends who hoard them!

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Laser Time – What’s The Oldest Toy?

Join us for a tour of toy history as we explore the most long-lasting toy lines in history. From 1980s cartoons still going strong to silver age superheroes, we’ve got more than enough anecdotes and old-school ads to fill your… Read more

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Beavis and Butthead Do the Genesis

To celebrate this o’ holy day of slow-minded meandering, we’re checking back in with MTV’s famous dormant duo! Grab your favorite four hundred and twenty paraphernalia and join us!

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How to Dark Souls III

WARNING: Chris is a total scrub, however, Brelston is well versed in the world of Dark Souls! Come along with us and let’s learn the intricacies of the latest death dealer from From Software together, in Laser Time’s fabulously informative… Read more

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Laser Time – Episode 420

In celebration of weed’s birthday, we discuss the history of 420, talk about when we’ve toked, listen to clips of the best weed humor and music, plus we take some pot… quizzes!

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