How The Grinch Stole PlayStation

There aren’t enough good Christmas games out there, so were elated to find out that the PS1 actually has a platformer based on Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Can Dr Seuss’ 60 page picture book sustain 30 hours… Read more

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The Best Xmas Alternatives – Laser Time #307

Pop cultures has no shortage of non denominational fictional Holiday celebrations, so specials guests Diana Goodman and AJ Glasser join Chris and Dave in their effort to mine classic TV and movies for the very bestest Christmas alternatives in the… Read more

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Justice League: Review/Reactions Livestream

DC’s cinematic universe has completed assembly this week, and we’re running straight from today’s screening into a live chat with all of you. Come be a part of Monday’s Laser Time and chime in with your thoughts on Justice League LIVE… Read more

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Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 – Let’s Do This!

Fresh off of Thor Ragnarok, we’re once again reminded how long its been since a Marvel movie had a proper tie-in video game. Fortunately, and once again, Lego is here to save the day from fee-to-play mobile games with Lego… Read more

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Dead Hungry – Feeding Zombies in VR!

PixelJunk’s latest game is a special one indeed, mostly because it’ll mark the second time in history Laser Time’s fired up PlayStation VR in the studio. Watch us immerse ourselves in Dead Hungry a charming little cross between overcooked and… Read more

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Sonic Forces – Let’s Do This

With so much goodwill built up by Sonic Mania, the Blue Blur’s brand has never been hotter. Will Sonic Forces squander that heat or lean into for a new 3D Sonic experience? Find out as grown men brave the fury… Read more

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Freddy vs Jason

An Elm Street Nightmare goes out with a big old bang, but then, so does Freddy Krueger. In Robert Englund’s final role as the Springwood slasher, he unites/fights with his most notable horror contemporary, Jason Voorhees, star of the Friday… Read more

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The Top 5 Stupidest Freddy Krueger Kills

Our limited horror podcast, An Elm Street Nightmare is coming to a close, so with that vested authority, we’re counting down the dumbest Freddy Krueger moments in the Nightmare on Elm Street series…

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Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

You thought it was over?! Just because Freddy’s dead, it doesn’t mean his creator is through with him. In one of the most clever sequels ever made, Wes Craven brings his most famous monster into the real world, making for… Read more

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Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

It’s finally over! Freddy Krueger is dead, every storyline will be wrapped in a concise little package, and fans will surely be satisfied by with the closure brought to the Nightmare on Elm Street series… JUST KIDDING! You could argue… Read more

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A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

Despite being what many consider a series low, Nightmare on Elm Street’s slightly controversial fifth entry suffers far more under a rushed production schedule than any controversial right-to-life message or problematic material. Oddly enough, Freddy’s most censored outing turned out… Read more

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The Evil Within 2 – Let’s Do This

Last time we looked at Evil Within 2, the game seemed to strike just the right balance between action-packed bloodening and atmospheric scares. But now we have the whole game to crack open in advance of its release this Friday,… Read more

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