X-Men: The Arcade Game – Let’s Do This

In honor of the Age of Apocalypse, we’re digging up what is perhaps the greatest X-Men game ever made. Disagree with us all you like, but this Konami classic still rules.

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Overwatch – Let’s Do This

Anybody else playing Overwatch this week? Even though we were pretty terrible at it, we’re quite smitten with Blizzard’s charming lil’ take on the shooter…

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Marvel Trading Cards – Famous Battles

With Heroes, Villains and Rookies handled, it’s time to dig into what 1990-era Marvel considered to be the most important battles of the day. Lots of Spidey, lots of X-Men and a whole lotta Fantastic Four.

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Laser Time – Unresolved Cliffhangers

To be continued? Not for these games, movies, and shows that teased us in their final moments, only to end before the ending! Pay attention because you’ll never believe what happens in the fourth segment!

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Uncharted 4 – Gonna Drake You for a Ride!

Naughty Dog says goodbye to Nathan Drake, Sully and other potentially recognizable characters we can’t remember in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End! Join us for a quick look at the swan song game in all its glory today at 3PM… Read more

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Captain American and The Avengers – Arcade Longplay

Gearing up for the release for Captain America: Civil War, we’re playing Data East’s classic arcade beat ’em up from 1991, back when Captain America got top billing over every Avenger. Check out what was, and mostly likely will always be, Captain… Read more

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Battleborn – Let’s Do This

Dave’s played a ton of Battleborn so let’s see if he can quickly walk Chris through the baby basics and into combat super stardom in the latest from Gearbox and 2K!

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