Laser Time – Retail Horror Stories

Just in time for the busiest shopping season of the year, we’re unleashing a Black Friday bundle of customer service nightmares and tales of retail hell…

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Laser Time – 200

WE DID IT! In honor of our 200th episode we’re streaming live and taking questions from you. Thank you so much for getting us here…

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Laser Time – Pre-Shame Songs

It’s another LT listening party and we’re looking back at some of our guiltiest pleasures! Although this time, we’ve added in some very specific criteria: What’s a song you’re ashamed to love made BEFORE you were born?!

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Could This Be The Best Snoopy Game Ever?

The new Peanuts movie is heading to theaters, so we decided to check out what is (apparently) Snoopy’s greatest game. We streamed it on Twitch, but now you can catch the archive off of YouTube!

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Talking Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror

In their first ever Halloween anthology episode, The Simpsons have a brush with an evil house, drooling aliens, and Edgar Allen Poe! Join us in celebration of what is quite possibly the greatest Holiday tradition invented in our lifetime…

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Laser Time – Dracula Facts

From Draculas to Blaculas, from Transylvania to Castlevania, we’ve been cursed to roam the show dispensing vampiric trivia on one of the greatest and most famous characters in pop culture history: Count Dracula!

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Laser Time – Evil Children

Laser Time explores the most evil kids in pop culture history, as well as horrifying tales of our own wicked deeds as wee tots. What’s the most evil thing you did as a child?

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Lego Dimensions – Let’s Do This

Today’s normally scheduled Shit Show has been replaced by Lego Dimensions and at least two pieces of the most expensive DLC you ever did see. Hey, it could be bad?! Be there a 3PM Pacific!

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