Resident Evil 4 – PART 4: Beating Bitores

After defending a dilapidated cabin Evil Dead-style, we move deeper into the woods and eventually confront The Big Cheese Bitores Mendez. If you thought he might be a giant centipede in disguise – wow, you’re right!

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Super Mario Bros. – Brett vs Chris

Once again, two Nintendo nerds go head head-to-head simultaneously! Brett and Chris have duked it out in Super Mario 64, Super Mario Bros 2, but now it’s time to test their strength in a much more difficult classic. It’s the… Read more

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Watch Dogs 2 – Let’s Do This!

Ubisoft’s latest stab at open world mayhem comes to our fair city! Join Brett and Chris as we tear through San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2. Today at 3PM Pacific (6PM Easterm)

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This is the end of Kingdom Hearts

Has it been twenty five episodes already?  Welcome to the grand finale of Kingdom Hearts’ five-hour finale! It’s all been leading up to this, so let’s see of Haley Joel Osmet has what it takes to take down Billy Zane… Read more

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Vidjagame Apocalypse – A Bad Show for a Bad Week

Mikel’s gone. Dave’s gone. This week was not good. Who wants to talk about some goddamn vidjagames????!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and the PlayStation 3 is old enough to stop crying like a little baby, and there’s a smaller NES, let’s blarbbity-bluh…

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Super Mario Bros 2 – Brett vs Chris!

Hot on the heels of our Super Mario 64 10-Star Throwdown, Brett and Chris will go head to head in Super Mario Bros. 2, in anxious anticipation of the NES Mini!

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Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers – Let’s Do This!

In one of our most vicious instances of counter programming ever, we’re going up against a national election and countless Call of Duty streams with a look at an all-star sidescroller featuring the lovable cast of Cartoon Network!

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Monday Night Movie – The Wizard

Apropos of nothing other than Doctor Strange and a couple Laser Time things about Wizards, and that it’s an awesome to revist, we’ll be watching 1989’s THE WIZARD…

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Fantasy Fights – Wizards Duel!

In honor of our latest Laser Time episode and Marvel movie review, it’s Doctor Strange vs Gandalf vs Harry Potter vs Ganondorf vs MOAR MAJIK!

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The Hardest Super Mario Level Ever Made

When it comes to difficult 3D Mario levels officially made by Nintendo, the words “Special 8-Crown” strikes fear in the hearts of even the most hardened player…

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Super Mario 3D Land – Anniversary Gameplay

The greatest Super Mario game no one ever talks about is FIVE YEARS OLD this week! Celebrate with our good, long look at Super Mario 3D Land, the forgotten-too-soon Nintendo 3DS classic…

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The Original Castlevania Remade in Unreal Engine

Castlevania fan and game dev, Dejawolf has painstakingly recreated the first few areas of Castelvania in the Unreal Engine. Let’s see how Simon Belmont looks in 3D, and if it can hold up to the NES original…

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Owlboy – So Many Sprites

Nine years in the making, D-Pad Studios’ “high-bit” game takes flight and we’ve volunteered to test pilot. Today at 3PM Pacific (6PM Pacific)

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