Laser Time – Stealth Pilots

Learn about the TV heroes and zeroes that snuck in the backdoor of pre-existing, more popular shows! Special guest Bob Mackey joins us for a discussion on the least organic guest appearances and spin-offs television has ever forged…

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Karate Kid 2, Eraser, Quake and Click – Jun 17-23

It’s the 30th anniversary of Daniel-san’s Okinawa adventures and My Little Pony’s theatrical debut, later we discuss Arnold’s erasing capabilities as well as Quake’s influence in 1996, and finally we Click on over to Adam Sandler’s attempted mix of comedy and sci-fi…

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Ghostbusters – Extreme Rules

Stanz vs Zeddmore vs Venkman vs Spenglar! The Ghostbusters are about to get an entirely different professional relationship…

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Laser Time – The Best Actor-Directors

Why stay on one side of the camera? We run through the Hollywood stars who could act up a storm but also craft amazing cinema from the director’s chair, too!

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X-Men: The Arcade Game – Let’s Do This

In honor of the Age of Apocalypse, we’re digging up what is perhaps the greatest X-Men game ever made. Disagree with us all you like, but this Konami classic still rules.

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Overwatch – Let’s Do This

Anybody else playing Overwatch this week? Even though we were pretty terrible at it, we’re quite smitten with Blizzard’s charming lil’ take on the shooter…

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