Thanksgiving Binge: Thirty Twenty Ten with Drunks & Dragons

Here’s a little Thanksgiving bonus from your friends at Thirty Twenty Ten as well as the delightful folks of the Drunks and Dragons podcast, as they feast on their all-time favorite podcasts that you’ll want to binge this weekend.

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Star Wars Battlefront II – Let’s Do This!

It’s launch week for the last big shooter of 2017, and we’re gonna play some Star Wars Battlefront II! Watch us tackle some of the campaign’s best moments and maybe (just maybe) Dave will hop online and get his butt… Read more

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Cheap Popcast #100 – The Best Ever!

Cheap Popcast has hit 100 episodes, so we’re doing a rare off-Patreon appearance as Dave and Hank discuss each of their top-10 all time favorite wrestlers!

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Starship Troopers – 11/6 Monday Night Movie

We’re from Laser Time and we say kill ’em all! Join us LIVE as we watch Starship Troopers (with special guest Brett Elston) at a special start time of 6:30PM PST on Monday, November 6!

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Thor Ragnarok LIVE reactions – Join Us!

Thor is back, and this time he has short hair! And Jeff Goldblum is there! There’s sure to be other cool things to discuss, so join your friends from work at Laser Time as we discuss the flick LIVE at… Read more

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Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Watch Us Play!

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a new Assassin’s Creed, and we’re celebrating with a stream of the recently-released Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Join us at 3PM PST on Twitch, or catch the YouTube archive after!

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Laser Time #302 – Fictional Fast Food Quiz

From movie-set drivethroughs to sitcom diners and cartoon eateries, we’re doing a megaquiz of famous (but fictional) fast food joints, complete with hilarious clips to satisfy your humor’s appetite! DOWNLOAD

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