TV Pilots That Changed Drastically – Laser Time

Whether it’s recast actors, different characters, or completely changed styles, we’re picking out the pilots that look downright weird when compared to the TV franchises we know and love! DOWNLOAD

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Yakuza Kiwami – Watch Us Play!

Hot dang, we’ve got our second Yakuza game in 2017 in the US, and we’re gonna explore the HD-uprezzed Tokyo and get into plenty of fights along the way. Join us LIVE at 3PM PST or catch the YouTube archive… Read more

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Let’s Do This!

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is out today, and we’re taking this weird mixture of Mario and XCOM for a few sparring rounds! Join us at 3PM PST for a LIVE Twitch stream and catch the archive afterwards on YouTube!

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Hot Rod – Monday Night Movie 8/28!

We’re closing out August with a HOT movie. Particularly, Hot Rod, as the weird Andy Samberg stuntman movie turns 10, we’ll be doing a LIVE commentary at 6PM PST on Monday, 8/28. Cool beans!

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Use Your Words on Switch – Let’s Do This!

To celebrate our new episode of Laser Time about the path from X-Men Destiny to Use Your Words, we’re streaming the newly-released Switch version of Use Your Words LIVE on Twitch at 3PM PST and forever afterwards on YouTube!

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