Poison Popcorn – Rogue

If a 25–foot animatronic shark just doesn’t float your boat like it used to, but you still have to satiate your bloodlust by witnessing a bunch of bothersome cretins get savagely mauled on a lovely day out by the sea,… Read more

Poison Popcorn – Cemetery Man

Before Rupert Everett became the must-have accessory for all single women who were too independent to be confined by the constraints of a relationship, but were clamouring for first bash at the label makers to mash in ‘Fag Hag’ as… Read more

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Poison Popcorn – Robot Jox

In a future where the world has been ravaged by petty squabbles between global superpowers and nuclear bombs, the surviving two nations have agreed to outlaw war in its entirety. After all, why have a pissing contest that costs thousands… Read more

Poison Popcorn – The Serpent and the Rainbow

One day, Wes Craven got tired of making slasher flicks about killer ghosts terrorising teens in their sleep. He needed a change of pace; something real – like the horrors of voodoo in Haiti, but maybe with a killer voodoo… Read more

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Poison Popcorn – Lord of Illusions

What do you do when Bruce Willis is too busy to don a white vest and play a jaded New York private dick? Call in Scott Bakula apparently. But thanks to his Golden Globe award-winning performance in Quantam Leap, we… Read more

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Poison Popcorn – Blood on Satan’s Claw

In a simpler time, when the size of one’s eyebrows was directly proportional to levels of festering evil, and yokels were so stupid that it was highly plausible that they’d bypassed inbreeding and moved right along to some kind of… Read more

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Poison Popcorn – Hardware

Have you ever wondered if it would be possible to film almost an entire movie using only one set piece and an oversized vacuum cleaner? Throw in a dash of gratuitous nudity and cameos from Iggy Pop and Lemmy, and… Read more

Poison Popcorn – Gymkata

Do you enjoy the deadly force of martial arts? Do you also enjoy the lithe body of an Olympian male gymnast? Then enter the mysterious world of Gymkata, which couples the skill of gymnastics with the kill of karate, if… Read more

Poison Popcorn – The Lair Of The White Worm

If you’re partial to sexual innuendo that’s about as subtle as a shot in the face from a custard cannon, and so much phallic imagery that you’re in danger of having one of your eyeballs poked out, then Ken Russell’s… Read more

Poison Popcorn – Night Of The Comet

It’s night, there’s a comet: no good can come of this. As everyone decides to party the night away whilst the Earth bathes in the tail of a comet, not one person stops to contemplate the fact that the last… Read more

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Poison Popcorn – Shakma

Back in the days when no one questioned an older gentleman for spending his free time with young girls and boys, there was a professor, who locked himself away for the night in an empty school building with a group… Read more