Apr 252015
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In honor of The Joker’s 75th anniversary, the director of the upcoming Suicide Squad film tweeted out the first full-on shot of Jared Leto as the film’s Joker. It was certainly… different… and Twitter went ablaze with folks sharing their opinions on the radical new design. Check out the best comments…

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Apr 232015
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Spider-Man may be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe real soon, that doesn’t mean it’s the only Spidey we’ll be seeing on the big screen in the next few years. In a shocking turn, Sony Pictures announced it’s making another Spider-Man film, only this time it’s going to be animated. Here are the first details…

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Apr 232015
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Henry and Chris are joined by first time guest Phil Kollar from Polygon, and he’s got a lot to share with us about the many, MANY trailers and bits of news in the last week. Not only has Henry’s employment situation changed, but X-Men are coming out of the closet, every comic film has a new trailer, and there’s something called Star Wars that has everyone’s attention. All that, plus Squirrel Girl, Attack on Titan, and a quadruple dose of community interaction…

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Apr 202015
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As you may have read today, I’ve left my old place of employment. It was an amicable exit, I wish nothing but the best for everyone there, and you can read my farewell to GamesRadar over there. However, THIS personal¬†update is to let you know that you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of me here on Laser Time. And if you wanted to help me during this transition, let me tell you how…

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Apr 192015
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Jeepers Creepers! What’s the deal with all these trailers this week? My expectations and cynicism have never been more tested! This might be earlier than Fox wanted, but the newest Fantastic Four trailer is out. And, as someone that has had little faith up to this point, it’s really promising. See for yourself…
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Apr 172015
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Poor PR people and film directors. You plan out a nice, hype-worthy trailer premiere, tease it out over a series of days and then BOOM! Some jerk films it with a cell phone and leaks it to the whole internet. Such is the case with Batman vs. Superman, a slightly blurry trailer you can watch right now (until Warner takes it down) UPDATE: Now Warner Bros. has given in and made the official version live early.

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Apr 172015
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Henry and Chris are joined by Brett Elston, and we have a heavy, bevy of news to deal with. We didn’t read all that much, but there’s tons of news and announcements to deal with, including too much Avengers footage, the future of Spider-Man, a Flash crossover, and teasing Batman vs. Superman! Then, in the second half of the episode, the trio have a big, spoiler-y breakdown of the entire first season of Daredevil! Get ready pals…

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Apr 102015
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Henry and Chris are joined by Dave Rudden for this one, where we get a Walking Dead update, Henry FINALLY sees The Flash TV show (and really likes it), the guys discuss duck faces, super sight and sound, and give a lengthy Superhero Spotlight on a Marvel character that will likely be extra famous real soon…

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Mar 272015
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Henry and Chris have another two man talk about everything going on in comics, like a brand new Avengers team, rewatching X-Files, comics of shame, and Jesse Eisenberg’s bald head. Plus, a very lively discussion of the question of the week, and a superhero spotlight for Lex Luthor!

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Mar 202015
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Henry and Chris are joined by both Brett and Dave for this crowded house podcast, and we get into all the big news. Henry read a bunch of comics starring women, we explore the topics of the new costumes for some of comics greatest heroes, we check in on The Walking Dead, and discuss you answers to last week’s QOTW!

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