Mar 272015
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Henry and Chris have another two man talk about everything going on in comics, like a brand new Avengers team, rewatching X-Files, comics of shame, and Jesse Eisenberg’s bald head. Plus, a very lively discussion of the question of the week, and a superhero spotlight for Lex Luthor!

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Mar 202015
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Henry and Chris are joined by both Brett and Dave for this crowded house podcast, and we get into all the big news. Henry read a bunch of comics starring women, we explore the topics of the new costumes for some of comics greatest heroes, we check in on The Walking Dead, and discuss you answers to last week’s QOTW!

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Mar 122015
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Henry and Chris take some time to catch up on their current binge watching, as well as drop some Simpsons conspiracy theories, before jumping into a lengthy whatcha been reading, then we get some classic Bat-audio, your answers to the question of the week, and some deep talk about diversity…

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Mar 062015
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Henry and Chris explore so many new comics, from Spider-Woman, Catwoman, Princess Leia, and even some books with male protagonists. Then we dive into the huge chunks of Marvel news, including a thorough dissection of the newest Age of Ultron trailer, followed by a Superhero Spotlight on Selina Kyle. Then we end it all with an extra-large community segment!

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Feb 272015
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Henry and Chris have read a ton new issues this week, including a big dose of Spidey and Darth Vader. Then they talk about the new Aquaman, Batman’s next game, Miles Morales maybe starring in a movie. Then we put the spotlight on Gwen Stacy, and explore your answers to the question of the week!

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Feb 192015
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Henry and Chris deal with a slow news week and a light new comic book day the only way they know how: By exploring Saturday Night Live’s long history of comic book-based sketches! If you’re still on an SNL buzz after the 40th anniversary special, you’ll be shocked just how many times the show wrote sketches based on Marvel and DC. All that, plus your answers to the question of the week!

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Feb 122015
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It’s a full house with Henry, Chris, Brett, and Dave all in one place to really dig into the big Spidery news of the week, but that’s hardly all that’s going on. Henry has some Superman books to gab about, along with an all-women Avengers, while Dave gives us an update on The Walking Dead, and Brett catches us up on his fave music of the last week, with much, MUCH more!
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Feb 052015
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Henry and Chris team up for a discussion about a dozen plus new comics, as well as talking up meeting famous people, seeing standup comedy, loving squirrels, dealing with some sad stuff, watching the Daredevil, and exploring the four comics that defined your love of the medium…
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Jan 302015
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Henry, Chris, and our dear friend Anne Lewis get together this week to talk about a superhero-free week of reading, reactions to the Fantastic Four trailer, and then we have a very special PSA about why every comic book fan should be watching The Venture Bros. All that, plus your answers to last week’s question of the week, and much more!
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Jan 232015
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Get ready for positive energy and comic books talk, because Henry, Chris, and Brett are back together and ready to be totally on-topic! We cover Spider-Verse, Venture Bros., Absolute Vision, Marvel’s Secret Wars shake-up, a superhero spotlight on The Beyonder, and much, much more! Listen folks, this is a good one, we promise!
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Jan 092015
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Back from the break with an extra large new episode, Henry, Chris, and Brett get together to talk about what they read over the break, dissect the first Ant-Man trailer, talk about all your favorite books of 2014, look forward to the year ahead, and have not one, but TWO quizzes! The fun never stops!

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Dec 192014
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It’s our last regular episode of the year, and Henry, Chris, and Dave have much to talk about before 2014 is all over. This time they cover the Spidey-related fallout of the Sony hack, talk about their favorite comics in 2014, and then indulge in an extra-large dose of community Q&A! Happy holidays one and all…

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