Aug 212014
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Brett and Chris join Henry this week to catch up on all the things they’ve read and seen, including the Popeye film, Thanos books, Spider-Man (of course), and stupidly expensive collections that Henry probably shouldn’t have bought. Then there’s this week’s query to you about the best cliffhangers they’ve read (tune in next week to find out what!)…

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Aug 152014
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Henry and Chris are doing their best to deal with the dark times around them, so it’s lucky that we have Tim Turi as a guest to cheer us. He gives us an eyewitness report from the new TMNT, which hastens talk about Archie comics, Evil Dead, the loss of Robin Williams, and how you introduce new readers to comics…

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Jul 172014
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The hell!?! How did we somehow end up at 100 episodes of this little old podcast? Well, it wasn’t easy, and it didn’t happen overnight, but it has been fun getting there. We have a ton to talk about this week, including some very shocking news, the reveal of movie Ultron, a freaking trivia game, and secret origins! You’ll find it all in this extra large podcast…

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