Talking Simpsons – Dog of Death

After failing to win the lottery, the family comes together to save their dog, but at what price? Find out in this week’s doggone podcast…

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Talking Simpsons – Separate Vocations

Bart and Lisa’s futures are in flux as they find new careers as a cop and nogoodnick (respectively) in this anti-authoritarian episode of our lovable podcast…

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Talking Simpsons – Homer At The Bat

Erik Nagel of It’s Erik Nagel on SiriusXM fame is our special guest for one of his all-time favorite episodes. Homer, Ozzie, and the Straw (and many more) come together for a star-studded softball game. So trim those sideburns and listen in…

Talking Simpsons – Bart The Lover

Marcia Wallace deserved her Emmy for this classic episode, Gordie Howe gets a unique tribute, plus Homer is fighting his urge to swear in this week’s loving podcast…

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Talking Simpsons – Homer Alone

Marge can’t take the drudgery of motherhood any longer, leaving the rest of the family to fend for themselves in this Rancho Relaxo of podcasts…

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Talking Simpsons – Lisa The Greek

Homer and Lisa connect over a love of football/gambling, thanks to Lisa’s predicting powers that even crossed over into the real world! All in this week’s Lock Of The Week podcast…

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Talking Simpsons – Radio Bart

Bart turns 10 for the first time, and gets a couple crummy birthday gifts that he then uses to turn Springfield upside-down in a media circuit with this week’s podcast…

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Check Out Resident Evil 7’s Demo With Us Live

This Tuesday of E3 we’re playing one of the hottest new releases of the week, the first demo of the just-announced Resident Evil 7: Biohazard! Watch here LIVE at 3PM PST, and on YouTube any time after that!

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Watch Ubisoft’s E3 2016 Press Conference With Us!

Laser Time is watching E3’s biggest press conferences, including Ubisoft’s annual press event. Join us for some French fun at 1:00PM Pacific Time to watch along, or watch the archive later to relive our glory!

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