Cape Crisis #175 – A Tour Of Earth-2

Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave try their best to understand DC’s Earth-2, while also talking about Big Bang Theory, Jughead’s asexuality, and our favorite responses to the QOTW…

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Talking Simpsons – Old Money

Abe Simpson has a tragic love affair, leading him to disown Homer and try to save the world, all as Bob, Henry, and Chris watch along…

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Paper Mario Turns 15! Celebrate The Anniversary With Us

February 5th marks the release date of one of Nintendo’s best RPGs, Paper Mario. We’ll be playing the N64 original right here to celebrate it turning 15 years old! Join us LIVE at 3PM PST! (Or watch the archive later)…

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Cape Crisis #174 – Supergirl Lands On Earth

Hank, Chris, and Dave go into the second most famous Kryptonian, along with Trump’s new friendship with Marvel’s CEO, strange DC Legends, football comics, and your replies to the QOTW…

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Watch Us Play Kurt Warner’s Arena Football

Who needs the NFL and the Super Bowl when you’ve got the PlayStation alternative. Let’s head into the arena for a few downs in this week’s Laser Time Shit Show, now archived on YouTube!

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