Jan 232015
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Get ready for positive energy and comic books talk, because Henry, Chris, and Brett are back together and ready to be totally on-topic! We cover Spider-Verse, Venture Bros., Absolute Vision, Marvel’s Secret Wars shake-up, a superhero spotlight on The Beyonder, and much, much more! Listen folks, this is a good one, we promise!
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Jan 092015
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Back from the break with an extra large new episode, Henry, Chris, and Brett get together to talk about what they read over the break, dissect the first Ant-Man trailer, talk about all your favorite books of 2014, look forward to the year ahead, and have not one, but TWO quizzes! The fun never stops!

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Dec 192014
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It’s our last regular episode of the year, and Henry, Chris, and Dave have much to talk about before 2014 is all over. This time they cover the Spidey-related fallout of the Sony hack, talk about their favorite comics in 2014, and then indulge in an extra-large dose of community Q&A! Happy holidays one and all…

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Dec 122014
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Thanks for waiting, everyone, because a brand new episode is HERE. Henry and Chris do a bit of audio-decompression in the first half, unloading all the excitement from their vacation and all the bad things that have been going on in the world in the last days… well, weeks… well, more like as far back as they can remember. They then dive into the big comics news that happened since the last show, deconstructing it all in the humorous way you expect (honest, they get happier in the second half). Listen and enjoy, folks!

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Nov 132014
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Henry, Chris, and Dave reconvene to discuss the usual bits about Spider-Man and Walking Dead, then Dave sets Henry off by bringing up season premiere of Newsroom, which is followed by happier talk of CM Punk writing comics, Dr. Doom as a blogger, and other malarkey. (Sorry about the Newsroom talk, this’ll be the last time, honest…)

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Oct 302014
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Henry, Chris, and Dave are finally reunited to not only discuss the killer Age of Ultron trailer, but also talk about what we’ve been reading, have Dave do his best to catch us up on The Walking Dead (the show and the comic), and then we share our fears on the world of comics. Also, because this show is freaking CURSED, we recorded this mere hours before Marvel’s insane movie news, so that will have to wait until next week. Sigh… sorry…

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Oct 232014
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Henry and Chris are joined by the sparkly Anne Lewis to give us some extra insight into horror comics to read in this extra scary episode, then we break down all the DC super-movie news, indulge in another superhero spotlight, and dissect the relationship between comics and New York City. Also, this was recorded before the Age of Ultron trailer leaked, so SORRY, but the reaction to it will have to wait for the next episode…

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Oct 172014
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Henry and Chris bask in the glow of too much New York Comic Con news, trying to parse out the future of Marvel and DC, plus they talk the Flash and your answers to question of the week! Oh, and this recorded before all the DC movie news, so you’re gonna have to wait till next week to hear our thoughts on that. SORRY…

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