Cape Crisis #165 – A Civil War Primer

Hank, Chris, Dave, and Brett come together to discuss the Civil War trailer, Frank Miller’s odd return to Dark Knight, some light Jessica Jones spoilers, and your QOTW replies…

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Sneak King And Quiplash Thanksgiving Party Stream

We’re getting ready for the Thanksgiving spirit with a round of Burger King gluttony, followed by a rousing return to Quiplash! See it all on our Twitch channel at 3pm Pacific or archived on YouTube later!

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10 Ways Xbox 360 Changed Gaming Forever

The 360 launched a decade ago, and some of its biggest advancements tend to be overlooked by gamers. With the gift of hindsight, it was much more revolutionary that it seems on the surface…

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Cape Crisis #164 – Coming Out To Stan Lee

The gang’s all here! Hank, Chris, Dave, and Brett dive into a ton of new Marvel books, gorillas vs. Flash, Star Wars wildness, plus Stan Lee getting confused and your QOTW replies…

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WWE 2K16 Predicts Survivor Series 2015

WWE is in desperate need of a new champion, and this weekend they’re wrapping up a tournament to crown a new number one guy. Who will it be? We test it out for ourselves in WWE 2K16, along with the… Read more

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