Talking Simpsons – Lisa The Greek

Homer and Lisa connect over a love of football/gambling, thanks to Lisa’s predicting powers that even crossed over into the real world! All in this week’s Lock Of The Week podcast…

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Talking Simpsons – Radio Bart

Bart turns 10 for the first time, and gets a couple crummy birthday gifts that he then uses to turn Springfield upside-down in a media circuit with this week’s podcast…

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Check Out Resident Evil 7’s Demo With Us Live

This Tuesday of E3 we’re playing one of the hottest new releases of the week, the first demo of the just-announced Resident Evil 7: Biohazard! Watch here LIVE at 3PM PST, and on YouTube any time after that!

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Watch Ubisoft’s E3 2016 Press Conference With Us!

Laser Time is watching E3’s biggest press conferences, including Ubisoft’s annual press event. Join us for some French fun at 1:00PM Pacific Time to watch along, or watch the archive later to relive our glory!

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Watch Us Play Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst LIVE!

The prequel to Mirror’s Edge is the last big game before E3, so we’re playing it just in time for gaming to announce its biggest news of the year. But how has the futuristic parkour hold up on current gen systems?… Read more

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Talking Simpsons – I Married Marge

We travel back to 1980 for some very dated humor as we see Homer and Marge get married, Homer search for a stable job, and Bart enter the world in this monumental episode…

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